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Dina Wecker, Entheos Academy

“Ms. Dina is the Assistant Director at Entheos Academy. She started as a teacher and has developed her talents, advanced her education, and is currently finishing her Ed.s degree on top of everything else she does. She truly cares for and advocates for the best education especially literacy for each of her students at the school. She sometimes has the difficult job of being the administrator that works with the students who are struggling with behaviors, struggling academically or who are in the Special Education Program. But she sees the potential in the students and pushes them to build their character and grow their abilities to learn. As a parent with 2 boys who struggle academically and are in Special Education at Entheos Academy, I know that she has their best interest as will make sure they will grow and receive the education that they personally need. As an added bonus she has a fabulous personality and encourages kids to embrace who they are and enjoy life by her example. We are grateful to have Ms. Dina at our school.”

Submitted by: Jen Larsen

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