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Karin Petty, Hawthorn Academy West Jordan

“My words will not be able to express how amazing Karin is and how much she benefits our school. She has been a middle school CTE teacher for our West Jordan campus, but we also rely on her for additional help with tech issues for our admin team, teachers and students. She is always happy to help, even on her days off. I am her principal and I could not do my job without her. I collaborate with her on many things and she willingness to help is astounding. She has a great report with her colleagues and students because of her cheery personality, her patience and her ability to make everyone feel as they can do anything. All these characteristics will help her in her new responsibility has a coach for our teachers and the reason that I am nominating Karin as one of the best teachers and people I know.”

Submitted by: Kristi Kunz

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