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Kate Howard, Viewmont Elemetary (Murray, Utah)

“Miss. Howard is one sensational teacher!! I have a child on the Autistic spectrum. His name is Hinkley and he is wonderful and magical, just like a little unicorn. I hate sending him out into the world. As you can imagine, people don’t understand his magic and is often times judged as something that he is not. A world in which he is learning he doesn’t quite fit in. So, the beginning of every School year is always a scary and anxious time as I prepare to send my unicorn into this scary world, by himself. But this year was different, we were so lucky to get this amazing lady as his teacher. She welcomed him with open arms and love, instead of preconceived judgments that he is just a naughty child. She has a pretty large class size yet takes the time to talk to me each day about how Hinkleys day went. You will find her walking hand and hand with him every single day to my car and let’s me know how he did. I often get phone calls during the day letting me know that Hinkley is having a wonderful day. And the communication is over the top impressive. This is a teacher that will reach out and help the one who doesn’t quite fit in the “public school box” and shower them with love and acceptance. We are so lucky to have such an amazing teacher in our school and community. I would love nothing more for her to receive this kind and generous award!”

Submitted by: David Chandler

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