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Kim Nielsen, Rose Springs Elementary, Stansbury Park

“Kim has taught 6th grade for 20+ years. I have watched her try to teach not only required subjects, but how to be kind, accepting, and a good person.
She has special units that she teaches each year, One being the History of the Jews and WW ll. She has had soldiers, wind-talkers and a Jews talk to her class. She teaches them about paper clips that have been collected representing each Jew killed.
The last two years DWR has set up huge ranks so they can watch a fish grow from an egg and get big enough they can plant them in the reservoir in their canyon.
You can’t go anywhere without someone knowing Mrs. Nielsen
She still keeps in touch with many of her students. She once searched for years to find a student she had worried about when he unexpectedly moved during Christmas break. He had given her a mug that still sits on her desk. After many years searching, she found him. He wept to think she would search for him and had never wanted to leave her class. He had a child and was about to be married when Kim got a call he had been murdered.
During this pandemic, she has taught her skills on computers to help many other teachers and students.
Her request list for her class is long in the fall.
I am proud to be her Mom and read the letters, written years later, praising her as a teacher and thanking her for being their mentor.
I truly believe she deserves to be honored!”

Submitted by: Meriam Nielsen

“She was an amazing 6th grade teacher. She inspired me to read once she found out that I loved Horses she went out and bought a bunch of horse books for me to read. I find myself to be an avid reader today in part because she taught me to be interested in books. She certainly cares about her students.”

Submitted by: Jami Pruitt

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