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LeAnn Schmidt, Silvercrest Elementary

“Ms. Schmidt is an amazing teacher. She is so sweet, kind and patient with her students. The kids and parents love her! My child was in her class when the pandemic hit and my child was so sad that they didn’t get to go back to be in her class, in person. But Ms. Schmidt did a great job providing at home things for the kids to do. I was anxious for my second child to be in her class, and so thrilled when it happened this year! Both of my kids love her so much and have enjoyed her being their teacher. They love to say hi to her whenever they see her and get excited. She treats them as the special children they are and helps us know how we can improve at school as well as what things they are doing well on. She has great communication with the parents as well! We love Ms. Schmidt!”

Submitted by: Brittney Borough

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