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Alpine School District plans to be back in class half-days


It looks like the state’s largest school district will have half-days in the fall, but students in the Alpine district will be in class.

The rest of the contracted day, teachers can work with students doing online learning, or meet other needs.

“We have plan for full time back in place, a yellow plan every other day, and 100 percent closure. But it’s the circumstances that will dictate what we do. The devil will be in the details,” said Alpine School District spokesperson Kimberly Bird on KSL’s Dave and Dujanovic Show.

They are offering students a choice to be in class or do remote learning.

Bird says they surveyed parents about it.

“Would you as a parent feel comfortable sending your child back to school? And we had 12,000 parents say yes, and 500 say no. I want you to look at the differences right there,” she said.

“That same question was asked of employees, do you anticipate going back…And 90 percent of our teachers said yes. 7.9 percent said maybe.”

The Alpine School Board will get feedback in their Tuesday night meeting. Other school boards also have meetings on Tuesday to go over their plans.

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Almost every school district is offering a choice for parents to go in-person or online, except Salt Lake City, which says they will only do remote learning in the orange phase.

Meanwhile the state’s smallest school district, Duchesne, says they will require masks for everyone because of the new state mandate.