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Salt Lake City Airport expects summer travel to surpass 2019 numbers

Officials with Salt Lake City International Airport expect their summer flight numbers to actually exceed what they did in 2019. (PHOTO: KSL Newsradio)

SALT LAKE CITY– As Utah’s vaccination rollout continues, local travel leaders are expecting a busy summer, especially at the airport.

Summer of travel

At Salt Lake City International Airport there’s an expectation the number of departing flights will soon eclipse numbers from 2019.

At a press conference Tuesday, airport spokeswoman Nancy Volmer projected a total of 11,059 departing flights in June and another 11,686 flights in July. Both those figures would represent 105% of the departing flights in June and July 2019.

For context, Salt Lake City International only saw 4,515 departing flights in June 2020. 

Adding to the list of destinations

Beyond a pent-up travel demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Volmer says many people are attracted to the new destinations offered by the airport.

“We’ve seen Delta service to Anchorage, to Durango, to Fairbanks and Moab just in the past couple of weeks,” she explained.

Additionally, they’re adding some options for travelers looking to fly overseas.

“We’re very excited that on May 27 we have the first nonstop European flight to Amsterdam that is on the books,” she said.

In June, Salt Lake City International will offer 95 nonstop destinations and 370 daily departures.

For staff at the airport, this summer is almost a second opportunity to showcase their new facility to a different traveling audience.

“This will be the first time that a lot of travelers are going to be experiencing the new airport,” said Volmer.