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utah governor spencer cox addresses how the drought affects the average farmer
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Gox. Cox highlights farmer struggles in the Utah drought

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox speaks about difficulties faced by farmers and ranchers due to extreme drought at Roberts Family Farm on July 16 in Layton, Utah (photo: KSL TV)

LAYTON — Gov. Spencer Cox wants Utah residents to understand how difficult things are for the average farmer and rancher in the state due to the ongoing extreme drought

From Roberts Family Farm in Layton, Cox made it clear that no one is doing more to cut water usage in the state than farmers and ranchers. 

“Utah farms and ranches have seen water cuts between 70- and 75% on most farms,” said Cox. “As a result, that’s dramatically reducing crops.” 

The governor says those reductions impact the food supply and livestock. Even Cox’s family farm in Fairfield, which mostly grows grains to sell to other farmers, has been seriously impacted. 

“We’ve seen a 75% reduction in water on my own farm and in production capacity,” Cox added. 

Cox also addressed the ongoing drought during his monthly news conference Thursday. 

Average Utah farmer severely hurt by drought

Roberts Family Farm owner Tyson Roberts says the consequences of the drought are dire this year. He was unable to farm about 15% of his land this year due to water cuts. Unfortunately, he says that’s about the profit margin for his farm on a good year. 

“When I say ‘survival mode’, I mean I hope I can pay the bills this year,” Roberts said. 

Roberts explains the drought won’t only impact the ability of one Utah farmer to keep the lights on; the rest of us will feel the consequences for years, he said. 

“When you go to the grocery store and buy some raspberries, it might be a shorter supply this year but also in the years to come if those plants are lost,” Roberts said. 

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