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Governor Spencer Cox says decision to vaccinate should be left up to businesses

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox addresses the COVID-19 vaccine.

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Spencer Cox says he wants businesses in Utah to be able to choose whether or not they require COVID-19 vaccines for their employees.

“We support vaccines as the best way to end this pandemic and keep people safe,” Cox said to KSL NewsRadio. “We also support free market solutions that allow businesses to require vaccinations or not require vaccinations as they choose.” 

On Wednesday, Utah lawmakers debated whether they could ban businesses from being able to require vaccines in light of President Biden’s federal vaccine mandates, and mulled over whether the state should

A group opposing vaccines mandates for businesses presented the Health and Human Services Committee about why Utah needs this law. Some lawmakers, however, wondered whether a state law would have any impact if there’s ultimately a federal law.

As a result, no Utah legislation has been proposed yet and lawmakers took no action after the meeting.

President Joe Biden has ordered businesses with over 100 employees to require vaccines or test employees weekly. 

Governor Cox has said he has “serious legality” concerns with President Biden’s vaccine mandate plan.   

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