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Lindsay Aerts is a reporter, anchor and host at KSL Newsradio. She hosts "The Mom Show" podcast on KSL NewsRadio. She's done extensive reporting on Utah's mail-in election system. You can contact her at

Sen. Romney touts safety of Utah elections, says he won’t run for president in 2024

After touring Weber County's vote center, Sen. Romney said he has no doubt that Utah elections are safe and secure.
14 hours ago

Some Utah lawmakers trying to get rid of clergy exeption in state’s mandatory child abuse reporting law

Utah's mandatory child abuse reporting law has an exemption that doesn't require clergy to report it. Some state lawmakers want to remove that exemption.
7 days ago

‘So no one else gets hurt:’ Utah Democratic Party pushes for Davis suspension

Salt Lake County Democrats have already suspended Sen. Gene Davis, and members of the Utah Democratic Party want to do the same.
8 days ago

Woman warns of being followed at local store, police say you should report it

A woman tells KSL NewsRadio that she was recently followed by two men inside an area Target store.
8 days ago

Back-to-school shopping this year will have families navigating rising prices

Back-to-school shopping will be a little more expensive this year as families navigate rising prices.
9 days ago

Your Diet Coke can could be in jeopardy if the Great Salt Lake dries up

As the Great Salt Lake shrinks, the impact of its decline grows. Industries from food to recreation stand to be affected by the lake's declining water levels.
21 days ago

Conferences pull events from Salt Lake over abortion, transgender laws

The combined total losses of potential visitor spending from both conferences in Salt Lake is reportedly equal to $9.4 million.
22 days ago

Cloud seeding could bring more water to the Great Salt Lake, Utah Department of Natural Resources says

Cloud seeding is a type of weather modification. The Utah Department of Natural Resources thinks it could bring more water to the Great Salt Lake.
22 days ago

Utah House Speaker bringing back second annual Great Salt Lake Summit

House Speaker Brad Wilson says another Great Salt Lake Summit will be held in October.
23 days ago

Utah State Board of Education approves policy outlining how a book is banned

The Utah State Board of Education approved a policy Tuesday in how a book is banned from schools, and what happens while the book is under review.
23 days ago

Centerville couple involved in home invasion, attack and fire describe the events

Bethanie Schmucker and Clarence Newman, both in their early 70's, describe being punched and kicked by a man at their Centerville home.
24 days ago

New research predicts Lake Powell, Lake Mead collapse if Colorado River Basin states don’t make sacrifices

A possible solution, among many suggested by the study authors, is a deal between the Colorado River Basin states to conserve and reduce water use.
28 days ago

Washington Co. House candidate may sue over recount audit

Willie Billings wants to sue because he didn't like how the audit of the recount was handled. He also distrusts the counting machines.
29 days ago

Sen. Romney says it will take more than conservation to fill up Great Salt Lake, it will cost billions

A solution to solving the shrinking of the Great Salt Lake will require more than just conserving, according to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah). He says it could cost billions.
29 days ago

Rep. Curtis hopes to prevent gun suicides nationally with law similar to Utah’s

Rep. Curtis is proposing a bill to allow those experiencing a mental health emergency to voluntarily put themselves on a do-not-sell list.
1 month ago

New climate tool shows Utah’s record heat a result of climate change

Utah's record heat is a result of climate change according to readings from a new climate tool called the Climate Shift Index, from the non-profit Climate Central.
1 month ago

Starbucks union strikes in Cottonwood Heights, store closes for the day

The Cottonwood Heights Starbucks temporarily closes its doors as several union workers did not show up for work Friday.
1 month ago

Utah seeking to throw out lawsuit challenging the transgender athlete ban

Attorneys for the state of Utah are seeking to have a judge dismiss the transgender ban lawsuit.
1 month ago

Utah Sen. Derek Kitchen says party switching partly to blame for primary loss

According to Utah Sen. Derek Kitchen, voters switching parties to vote in the Republican primary had an impact in his loss to Dr. Jennifer Plumb.
1 month ago

The Point project now has a developer for its community-centered project

The Point project has selected developers for the old state prison site in Draper. There's a promise of community space at its heart.
1 month ago

‘So the state has options’: Sponsor of Utah’s trigger law proposes amending state constitution

A state lawmaker is proposing changing the state constitution if Utah's abortion trigger law is struck down.
1 month ago

Bluffdale Mayor defends husband after he was accused of threatening her one-time political opponent

Bluffdale Mayor, Natalie Hall, defended her husband Jason after he was accused of threatening her one-time political opponent.
1 month ago

Stericycle can no longer burn medical waste in SLC, but the fight to stop toxic pollutants may not be over

Local environmental groups are taking a victory lap now that a medical waste incinerator in North Salt Lake belonging to Stericycle, has been shut down.
1 month ago

Fourth of July weekend weather conditions ripe for fires

The National Weather Service of Salt Lake City says there is a red flag warning in effect for Western Utah. It warns that many fires are human caused.
2 months ago