Marijuana grows at Tryke Companies Utah's medical cannabis cultivation facility in Tooele...
Michael Camit

Ironing out Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program

Medical marijuana is one of Utah's most regulated substances, but lawmakers are still trying to iron out the wrinkles in the program.
3 days ago
North American hospitals are seeing a major increase -- 416% over the last two decades -- in teen m...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Decades-long study shows increase in eating disorders among young males

The study showed hospitalizations for young males with eating disorders were up 139%, and even higher in young teens.
3 days ago
Containers holding frozen embryos and sperm are stored in liquid nitrogen at a fertility clinic in ...
Jessica Lowell

The future of IVF in Utah following the Alabama Supreme Court embryo ruling

One expert says they won't know if Utah would interpret its wrongful death statute the same way Alabama did until a case came up .
3 days ago
Doctors analyze a screening of a colon...
Don Brinkerhoff

Younger colon cancer deaths are increasing significantly

Colon cancer deaths are rising and people are dying at a much younger age according to the American Cancer Society.
4 days ago
Rep. Tyler Clancy, R-Provo, speaks about HB261 at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 19,...
Aimee Cobabe

Lawmaker wants to increase maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments

Utah lawmakers are supporting a bill to increase the maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments.
4 days ago
woman with a therapeutic device on her head to treat depression...

A brain pacemaker helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be available to more people

Researchers say deep brain stimulation, or DBS — could eventually help many of the nearly 3 million Americans with treatment-resistance depression.
4 days ago
Mothers and mental health...
Mira Cheng, CNN

Maternal mental health conditions drive climbing death rate in US, research says

The maternal mortality rate in the US is two- to threefold greater than in other high-income countries and increasing.
5 days ago
A Gila monster is displayed at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Dec. 14, 2018....
MEAD GRUVER Associated Press

A Colorado man is dead after a pet Gila monster bite

A Colorado man has died after being bitten by his pet Gila monster in what would be a rare death if the creature's venom was the cause.
5 days ago
students walk to a bus, kindness ewalls coming to utah's k-12 schools...
Britt Johnson

Schools in Utah to get Kindness eWalls

Kindness eWalls display positive messages submitted by a school's students, teachers and parents.
6 days ago
Exercise particularly reduced risk of death for women, according to the data....
Madeline Holcombe, CNN

Women might lower their risk for cardiovascular disease by twice the amount as men with exercise

The benefits of exercise are great for everyone – but may be even better for women, according to a new study.
6 days ago
FILE: Senate Minority Leader Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, speaks at a Senate Revenue and Taxati...
Eric Cabrera

Bill would authorize Medicaid to cover Indigenous healing services in Utah

A bill sponsored by the Senate minority leader authorizes the state to apply for a Medicaid waiver.
6 days ago
Sour gummy worms colored in red, green, yellow, and blue...
Mariah Maynes

Can sour candy ease anxiety and panic attacks?

Experts say a TikTok trend where people suck on sour candy to ease anxiety or panic attacks, can work.  
7 days ago
Amy Rey has a mark on her skin after a biopsy was performed on a lesion to check for cancer due to ...
Jen Christensen, CNN

FDA approves new therapy for hard-to-treat metastatic melanoma

The FDA approved a new, first-of-its-kind therapy that could help patients with metastatic melanoma, a rare but deadly form of skin cancer.
9 days ago
Neuro-inclusive housing...
Devin Oldroyd

Neuro-inclusive housing: helping autistic adults find their independence

Over 50,000 people with autism enter adulthood every year. What resources when it comes to neuro-inclusive housing, does Utah offer to them?
9 days ago
a child plays with a bubble, utah medicaid changing for kids...
Britt Johnson

Thousands of Utah children losing their Medicaid benefits

Medicaid is checking eligibility again and many people in Utah are making too much money to qualify.
9 days ago
social media...
Curt Gresseth and Don Brinkerhoff

Senate committee OK changes to Utah’s Social Media Regulations Act

A Utah lawmaker discusses his social media bill aimed to protect children while parents and a teen testify about loss of a son to suicide and the pain of addiction.
9 days ago
The Provo Food Bank has less than a month's supply left and is asking for the public's help through...
Tammy Kikuchi and Waverly Golden

Provo Food Bank supplies running low, public donations needed

The Provo Food Bank has less than a month's supply left and is asking for the public's help through donations. 
12 days ago
someone performs CPR...
Mariah Maynes

Utah Red Cross encourages CPR training this Valentine’s Day

The American Red Cross of Utah has invited community members to take part in CPR training this Valentine's Day. 
12 days ago
cdc sign shown, the agency is rumored to be changing covid guidelines...
Jamie Gumbrecht and Brenda Goodman, CNN

Washington Post: CDC to ease Covid-19 isolation guidance

Since 2021, the agency has said people should isolate for at least five days if they tested positive for Covid-19, and then continue to mask. 
12 days ago
secret spending...
Curt Gresseth

Are you hiding secret spending from your spouse?

Are you a secret spender in a relationship? A national expert on personal finance offers help for couples caught up in financial infidelity.
13 days ago
FILE: Claire Modersitzki, left, hugs Marcus Cain at The Valentine’s Museum, a pop-up museum in Pr...
Waverly Golden

The idea of a soulmate may not be beneficial on your journey toward love

A recent report from researchers in Utah and Canada challenged the idea of soulmate love.
13 days ago
Michelle Lee

What steps are you taking to keep your heart healthy?

Let’s Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Curtis Anderson to learn what steps we can take to keep our heart healthy.
15 days ago
This image provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024...
Jonel Aleccia

Bean dips, enchiladas and taco kits are among new recalled items linked to listeria outbreak

Seven-layer bean dip, chicken enchiladas, cilantro salad dressing and taco kits are part of a recall of products made by Rizo Lopez Foods.
15 days ago
Tired woman in front of computer yawning....
Britt Johnson

Over half of Utahns not getting quality sleep, expert shares tips

Over half of Utahns are falling behind on getting quality sleep. Is there anything they can do to get better sleep?
16 days ago