Halloween on Saturday or Sunday? Radio hosts hand out goodies.

Oct 29, 2021, 7:58 AM
When Halloween falls on a Sunday, the debate in Utah is always over what day to celebrate it. 

When Halloween falls on a Sunday, the debate in Utah is always over what day to celebrate it. Canva

SALT LAKE CITY  —  When are you and your family going out trick-or-treating for Halloween? Are you a Saturday or Sunday? How about both?

KSL NewsRadio’s Dave Noriega and Maura Carabello of the Exoro Group in Salt Lake City weigh in on Halloween do’s and don’ts.

Halloween is a real holiday that is celebrated on Oct. 31. The word “Halloween” comes from All Hallows’ Eve and means “hallowed evening” and precedes All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1.

Which day is witch day?

“It started as something real, and I like it to be a real holiday on October 31,” Maura said.

Dave pointed out because the holiday falls on a Sunday, many people won’t celebrate it on that day for religious reasons because it falls on a Sunday.

“I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is very much about keeping the Sabbath day about religious activity and not so much celebrating holidays,” Dave said.

Maura is a compromiser and celebrates Halloween this year on both Saturday and Sunday.

“I for the dual. I’m for Saturday and Sunday . . . I’m for both days, like, be a good citizen. . . . We’re gonna be a double household day,” she said.

Trunk or treat — not!

“The trunk or treat is maybe the greatest invention in the history of the world,” Dave announced. “So I know you’ve got to agree with me on this.”

Maura agreed that Dave is a misguided soul.

“I can get over Saturday or Sunday. I think that’s just good old-fashioned compromise, but trunk or treating is — we’re killing the next generation,” she said.

Maura added trunk or treating is laziness: Pull into a parking lot and walk three steps to have candy dumped into a pillow case. She said trunk or treating removes the community aspect of Halloween.

“You are going to pull your Honda up into a parking lot, flip open the back — that’s Halloween? I’m offended on behalf of the next generation who’s going to grow up thinking that that’s how you get candy. You’ve got to work a little harder.”

Dave agreed, saying, “That is just mail-in parenting. That’s, like, not even trying.”

Do no-costume teens deserve treats?

“Do you cough up the candy for the teenager that shows up rolling up in like jeans and a T shirt?” Dave asked.

Maura said just for showing up at her doorstep, the trick-or-treater is given credit, adding that showing up at her house without a costume is OK.

“I just think they’ve got to earn it. You’ve got to tell me why your Jazz T-shirt is something; get creative with me. Tell me why your jeans qualify as a costume. Engage me a little bit. Show that you can speak beyond texting — and boom! right there, a full-size candy bar in your hot little hands,” she said.

Teens without costumes are not likely to have a candy bag with them, she said.

Dave agreed, saying, “The 4-year-old in a fairy costume, you don’t need to earn it. You get a full-size candy bar, [but] the teenager? You got to work for it.”

Dave pointed out that because Maura’s household hands out full-size candy bars, neighborhood kids talk about her family with reverence all year long.

“This is all my husband wants. This is exactly his motivation,” she said.

“He’s buying love. I love it. He’s a genius for it,” Dave replied.

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Halloween on Saturday or Sunday? Radio hosts hand out goodies.