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For that forever renter, good news on buying a new home

Lower mortgage rates and a state home affordability program should be good news for the forever renter in buying their first home.
6 hours ago

Feds give Utah $5.5M to build wildlife crossings near Kanab

A UDOT wildlife expert discusses building successful animal crossings to reduce collisions with vehicles.
1 day ago

If you tip more during Christmas, are you feeling generous or pressured?

Most American say they will tip more, or the same amount as last year, during this Christmas season.
3 days ago

As some Utah school populations dwindle, could dome schools help?

The idea of dome schools was born in Utah but only one Utah town has them. Could they help more school districts and communities?
4 days ago

Are you ‘doom spending’?

What is doom spending? A KSL NewsRadio producer describes her experience with — and motivation for — reckless buying.
7 days ago

As SLC steps closer to hosting 2034 Winter Games, a security expert looks back at 2002

Salt Lake City steps closer to hosting its second Winter Olympics in 2034. A security expert reflects on the lessons learned from the SLC's 2002 Winter Games.
9 days ago

Should employers match an emergency-savings account for employees?

A Utah financial planner outlines a new law allowing an emergency-savings account, with a matching employer contribution.
10 days ago

Men, women, and generations disagree on how much money will buy happiness

How much money does it take to buy happiness. A Utah financial planner shares some surprising insights.
11 days ago

Booming Utah County, UTA talks future plans for public transit

UTA's planning director discusses future possibilities to meet transportation needs in rapidly growing Utah County.
16 days ago

‘Partner and friend’? Expert says US should be careful trusting China.

All countries spy, including China and the U.S. But Beijing takes spying to a different level says a former FBI supervisor and counterintelligence expert.
17 days ago

Save during the holidays by renting ‘gifts’ from neighbors

Instead of buying new gifts during the holidays, a Provo-based company offers the choice of saving by renting the "gift" from neighbors.
21 days ago

As with hockey, boxing, violence in basketball won’t likely lead to criminal charges

A Utah lawyer weighs in on the possibility of criminal charges against a professional basketball player with a reputation for violence on the court.
23 days ago

Regifting for Christmas? Expert weighs in on the rules.

Looking to save some money on presents this holiday season? If you are thinking about regifting, first know the rules.
24 days ago

How do you budget for kids’ Christmas gifts?

What is your holiday hack for spreading Christmas gifts among friends and family?
25 days ago

Meteor shower streaking across night sky this weekend

The Northern Taurid meteor shower is peaking over the weekend. You don't need a telescope or binoculars; the human eye is the best tool to watch fireballs streak across the night sky.
27 days ago

Shop owner in Bountiful explains why she doesn’t allow tipping

The owner of a bagel shop in Bountiful joins the show to explain her no tipping policy.
28 days ago

Expert discusses securing places of worship as war rages

A security expert talks about protecting places of worship as war in the Middle East rages again.
29 days ago

Have you ever lied on your resume? Most people do

Most people lie on their resume. A USU management professor cites faults in the hiring process.
1 month ago

SLC pedestrian-safety group pushing for no right turn on red light

A pedestrian-safety group is proposing a law that would ban right turns on red lights in Utah.
1 month ago

Mayor seeks free pass for kids to all Salt Lake County rec centers

Despite the "tough budget year," Salt Lake County Jenny Wilson is pushing for free entry to all county rec centers for kids.
1 month ago

$1.8B verdict may change how homes are bought, sold in Utah

Typically, the seller pays the fees for both the agent who lists homes and the buyer’s agent, but a Utah real-estate expert says all fees and commissions are negotiable.
1 month ago

Celebrity deaths and why we grieve

Even though we don’t know them personally, celebrity deaths can make us think of our own lives, says a clinical psychologist.
1 month ago

Most workers would make sacrifices for a four-day workweek

What would you sacrifice to earn a four-day workweek? 48% of Gen Z and millennials say they would be willing to work longer hours to have three days off.
1 month ago

Shoplifting won’t close a store, but organized retail crime can

An expert explains how organized retail crimes differ from shoplifting and can affect an entire community.
1 month ago