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“Not unexpected” said Dr. Dunn after mask mandates in Utah shot down

Exec. director at Salt Lake County Health, Dr. Angela Dunn discusses repealing mask mandates in Utah and the importance of face masks in public.
2 hours ago
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Accused rapist who faked death re-arrested in Scotland, prosecutor says

An accused Utah rapist found on a ventilator in Scotland allegedly faked his own death and fled the country -- but was re-arrested Thursday.
4 hours ago

Great Salt Lake could use your help now, says expert

The Great Salt Lake is an essential stopover for migrating birds and a financial driver of the state economy, but it is suffering historic water lows amid a drought. The good news, says a water-conservation expert, is residents and legislators have the tools needed to raise the water levels of the lake back again.
2 days ago

This is why prescription drugs cost so much

An advocate for transparency in the pharmaceutical industry explains how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), which are charged with negotiating better drug prices for consumers, are pocketing the discounts for themselves and becoming Fortune 15 companies.
6 days ago
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Financial expert shares advice with first-time homebuyers in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — The scene for first-time homebuyers seems to be going from bad to worse. Five years ago, in order to afford a median-priced house in Salt Lake County, the potential buyer had to make around $58,000 per year. But in 2021, the same buyer now has to make $101,400. Shane Stewart, a […]
6 days ago
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Mental health needs spike during pandemic, but help in Utah abundant, free

The need for mental health services reached new heights in Utah last year, but a physician said help is available and free in the state.
7 days ago

New York City can learn from Utah about crime, says Davis County attorney

Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said the new Manhattan District attorney crime strategy to to stop prosecuting low-level offenses can lead to an escalation in more serious crime and cites Utah as an example
8 days ago

Lawmaker says requiring grass during Utah drought makes no sense

A Utah lawmaker proposes a bill that would end requirements from cities and homeowners' associations for installing and maintaining grass during a drought.
10 days ago
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The hottest and coolest new tech at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

Dave & Dujanovic explore some of the newest offerings in tech from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
13 days ago
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How to vaccinate the whole world (not just rich countries) against COVID

A global-supply chain expert discusses the steps necessary to vaccinate the whole world -- not just wealthy countries -- against COVID-19.
13 days ago
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‘A Woman’s View’ panel discusses sexist comments, women in the workplace

Three women's advocates discuss the findings of a Utah study on sexist comments and women in the workplace.
13 days ago
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Utah Rep. Curtis reflects on US Capitol riot one year later

Rep. John Curtis says there's a lot that isn't known about the Capitol riot, or about the scar it created in Congress.
15 days ago

Is it time for parents to remove kids from social media?

The Granite School District asks parents to take their children off social media if they can't monitor their kids' use of the apps.
16 days ago
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Can video games relieve depression in older adults? University of Utah study to find out.

Depression in older adults could be relieved by certain video games. A University of Utah Health study aims to find out.
17 days ago

Is it time for Utah to upgrade the state flag?

A state task force is taking steps to design a new flag for Utah and it wants your help in coming up with a new and better design.
22 days ago

Could ex-cons solve labor shortage problem?

Given the labor shortage in the nation and in Utah, it makes more sense to have non-violent offenders filling those jobs and repaying their victims rather than sitting in a jail cell doing nothing to benefit society, says the Utah County attorney general.
23 days ago

What to know about COVID-19 breakthrough infections

If you are fully vaccinated against COVID but have a "breakthrough infection," the good news is you probably won't have as a severe illness -- hospitalization, even death -- as an unvaccinated person.
24 days ago

Inflation usually makes the Fed hike interest rates. Here’s what that means

Inflation is on the rise, and to combat this, the Fed will start to raise interest rates. And it'll do that by buying fewer bonds.
29 days ago

Fentanyl overdoses killing more Americans than COVID-19

Between 2020 and 2021, nearly 79,000 Americans between 18 and 45 years old died of fentanyl overdoses. A professional at Huntsman Mental Health talks about ways to help a friend or loved one struggling with an addiction.
1 month ago
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Which Utah businesses have recovered from the pandemic?

As 2022 approaches, Utah businesses are in good shape
1 month ago

Air quality is unhealthy. What causes Utah’s weather inversions?

Utah is known for winter inversions, but the good news is the latest inversion will likely be blown out by a storm.
1 month ago
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Murray family donates house to Afghan refugees new to Utah

A Murray father wanted to help Afghan refugees new to Utah, so he booted his son out of a house he owns and moved a refugee family in.
1 month ago

Will you owe for advanced child-tax credits? CPA answers your questions.

A Utah CPA discusses the advanced child tax credits disbursed monthly this year and what that means for your tax return next year.
1 month ago

One person can be the light for someone in a dark place, says rabbi

Utah Rabbi Avremi Zippel is working to create a dedicated webpage for young Jewish professionals to help them help those in despair.
1 month ago