Utah Gov. signs 278 bills into law, more on the way

Mar 14, 2023, 4:44 PM | Updated: 8:49 pm
spencer cox is pictured, he just signed a bill about domestic violence lethality assessments...
Gov. Spencer Cox speaks during a press conference to announce a Driven to Assist community fundraiser and donation drive to benefit refugees fleeing Ukraine at a press conference at the Utah State Capitol on Thursday, March 3. Cox was among the leaders present at the announcement on Wednesday that Texas Instruments is expanding into Lehi.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Governor Spencer Cox has signed his biggest chunk yet of new Utah laws. 

On Tuesday he had signed a total of 278 bills into law.

One of those bans social credit scores in Utah. Another bill extends Utah’s pollinator program called “Save the Bees.”

Another bill requires colleges and Universities to give in-state tuition to those who are not US citizens but have applied.


Gov. Cox has until March 23rd — 20 days from March 3rd which was the last day of the session — to sign bills or they automatically become law. The legislature passed 575 bills during the 2023 session.  

Here is the complete list of newly signed bills. 

  • HB 16: Block Grant Funding for Prevention Programs in Public Education
  • HB 19: Rape Crisis Center Modifications  
  • HB 21: Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments
  • HB 25: Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Task Force Sunset Extension 
  • HB 28: Arson Amendments 
  • HB 30: Wildfire Resources Code Recodification
  • HB 32: Provo Canyon Resource Management Plan 
  • HB 33: Water Related Liability Amendments 
  • HB 37: Voter Signature Verification Amendments 
  • HB 38: Initiative and Referendum Modifications
  • HB 39: State Resource Management Plan Amendments 
  • HB 43: Domestic Violence Modifications 
  • HB 45: Domesticated Elk Program Amendments 
  • HB 46: Criminal Code Recodification and Cross References 
  • HB 47: Criminal Code Evaluation Task Force Sunset Extension 
  • HB 50: Criminal Financial Obligation Amendments 
  • HB 53: Protective Order Amendments 
  • HB 60: Juvenile Justice Modifications  
  • HB 68: Petition Amendments 
  • HB 99: Sex Offender Restrictions Amendments 
  • HB 108: Child Sex Doll Prohibition 
  • HB 111: Inmate Treatment Amendments 
  • HB 112: State Fish Hatchery Maintenance Account 
  • HB 114: Theft Defense Amendments 
  • HB 121: Wildlife Habitat Account Amendments 
  • HB 122: Sex Offender Registry Amendments 
  • HB 139: Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry Requirements 
  • HB 143: Parental Kidnapping Amendments 
  • HB 150: Emergency Water Shortages Amendments 
  • HB 154: English Language Learner Amendments 
  • HB 156: Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry and Child Abuse Offender Registry Administration Amendments
  • HB 161: Foreign Language Education Funding Amendments 
  • HB 163: Protecting Student Religious and Moral Beliefs Regarding Athletic Uniform Requirements
  • HB 169: Urban Farming Assessment Act Amendments
  • HB 174: Conviction Reduction Amendments 
  • HB 182: Interventions for Reading Difficulties Program Amendments 
  • HB 184: Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment Program 
  • HB 189: International Baccalaureate Program Amendments 
  • HB 190: Local Education Agency Personnel Amendments 
  • HB 197: Higher Education Financial Aid Amendments 
  • HB 199: Voluntary Firearm Safekeeping Amendments  
  • HB 201: Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code 
  • HB 207: Compact Commission Amendments
  • HB 211: Real Estate Amendments
  • HB 217: School Energy and Water Reducations 
  • HB 220: Emissions Reduction Amendments  
  • HB 221: Fodder Production Systems Grant Program 
  • HB 224: Outdoor Recreation Initiative 
  • HB 227: Hemp Amendments
  • HB 231: Low Income Housing Property Tax Exemption
  • HB 234: University Recognition for International Baccalaureate Achievement 
  • HB 237: Hunting Mentor Amendments 
  • HB 244: Utah Victim Services Commission and Victim Services 
  • HB 246: Board of Pardons and Parole Amendments
  • HB 259: Suicide Prevention in Correctional Facilities
  • HB 261: Fire Related Amendments 
  • HB 265: Sentinel Landscape Amendments
  • HB 268: Sex Offense Amendments
  • HB 269: Election Audit Requirements
  • HB 284: Public Library Background Check Requirements
  • HB 297: Victim Services Amendments
  • HB 299: Boating Amendments 
  • HB 302: Cultural and Community Engagement Amendments
  • HB 304: Juvenile Justice Revisions
  • HB 305: Child Abuser Education Restrictions
  • HB 307: Utah Water Ways 
  • HB 308: School Grading Modifications
  • HB 309: County Recorder Amendments
  • HB 314: Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence Amendments
  • HB 318: Prime Pilot Program Amendments
  • HB 319: Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project Amendments
  • HB 321: Mineral Lease Amendments 
  • HB 324: Workplace Violence Protective Orders Amendments
  • HB 330: Civil Commitment Amendments
  • HB 335: Alternative Concurrent Enrollment Options for Capacity Flexibility
  • HB 343: Government Records Modifications
  • HB 345: Local District Property Tax Amendments
  • HB 347: Ballot Drop Box Amendments
  • HB 349: Water Reuse Projects Amendments 
  • HB 352: Law Enforcement Data Amendments
  • HB 358: County Auditor Amendments
  • HB 370: Utility Infrastructure Amendments
  • HB 371: Working Farm and Ranch Protection Fund 
  • HB 374: County Sheriff Amendments 
  • HB 383: Indigent Defense Amendments
  • HB 384: Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Amendments
  • HB 385: Mentally Ill Offenders Amendments
  • HB 388: Statutes of Limitation Amendments 
  • HB 389: Electrical Power Delivery Amendments
  • HB 394: Hold Harmless for Public Education Enrollment Decline
  • HB 396: Paleontological Resources Amendments
  • HB 397: Urban Farming Assessment Amendments 
  • HB 398: Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program Amendments 
  • HB 399: Corporation Amendments
  • HB 402: Extradition Tolling Amendments
  • HB 403: Student Mental Health Amendments
  • HB 410: Insurance Amendments 
  • HB 425: Energy Security Amendments 
  • HB 426: Statewide Energy Policy Amendments 
  • HB 433: Public Land Geographic Data Amendments 
  • HB 447: Transplant of Wildlife Amendments 
  • HB 450: Landscaping Requirements 
  • HB 457: State Property Transfer Amendments 
  • HB 470: Government Digital Verifiable Record Amendments 
  • HB 482: Archaeological Resources Amendments 
  • HB 485: Restricted Persons Amendments
  • HB 488: Utah Lake Authority Amendments 
  • HB 491: Amendments Related to The Great Salt Lake 
  • HB 493: Solid Waste Management Amendments 
  • HB 512: Elected Official Education
  • HB 513: Great Salt Lake Amendments 
  • HB 532: Building Code Revisions 
  • SB 9: Agriculture Advisory Board Sunset Extension  
  • SB 10: Wildlife Sunset Related Amendment 
  • SB 13: Motor Vehicle Registration Amendments 
  • SB 14: Leased Tangible Personal Property Tax Amendments 
  • SB 15: Juvenile Offender Penalty Amendments
  • SB 17: Voting and Voter Residency Amendments 
  • SB 24: Advanced Air Mobility Amendments 
  • SB 25: Transportation Funding Revisions
  • SB 26: Rural Employment Expansion Program Amendments
  • SB 27: Transportation Revisions
  • SB 29: Road Jurisdiction Amendments
  • SB 34: Water Infrastructure Funding Study 
  • SB 35: Reciprocal Professional Licensing Amendments
  • SB 36: Professional Licensing Amendments
  • SB 37: Municipality Incorporation Amendments
  • SB 42: Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments
  • SB 45: Statewide Online Education Program Amendments
  • SB 47: Incarcerated Youth Education Amendments
  • SB 48: Energy Producer States’ Agreement Amendments 
  • SB 52: Parental Indigent Defense Amendments
  • SB 53: Groundwater Use Amendments 
  • SB 57: Sexual Abuse Material Amendments
  • SB 61: Livestock Collision Amendments
  • SB 62: Hydrogen Amendments
  • SB 63: Election Candidate Replacement Amendments
  • SB 65: Charter School Authorizers Modifications
  • SB 67: Juvenile Commitment Amendments 
  • SB 70: Victim Amendments
  • SB 76: Water Amendments 
  • SB 80: Driver License Suspension and Revocation Amendments
  • SB 90: Automobile Franchise Amendments 
  • SB 94: Special Service District Bonds Amendments 
  • SB 96: Fiduciary Duty Modifications 
  • SB 97: Public Contract Requirements 
  • SB 112: Aquatic Invasive Species Amendments 
  • SB 113: Local Agriculture Amendments 
  • SB 114: County Correctional Facility Contracting Amendments
  • SB 118: Water Efficient Landscaping Incentives 
  • SB 119: Per Capita Consumptive Use
  • SB 123: Boards and Commissions Modifications 
  • SB 129: Judiciary Amendments
  • SB 138: Fraudulent Ticket Sales Modifications 
  • SB 143: Public School District Resource Sharing Agreements and Student Transportation Amendments
  • SB 144: Water Instream Flow Amendments 
  • SB 146: Higher Education Governance Amendments 
  • SB 158: Local Government Water Amendments 
  • SB 186: Juvenile Court Amendments
  • SB 218: Private Probation and Court Ordered Services Amendments
  • SB 236: Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments
  • SB 241: Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments 
  • SB 251: Secondary Water Metering Requirements 
  • SB 277: Water Conservation and Augmentation Amendments 
  • SB 287: Online Pornography Viewing Age Requirements
  • SB 289: Point of the Mountain State Land Authority Amendments 
  • SB 290: Juvenile Court Modifications
  • SB 293: Expungement Revisions
  • HCR 4: Concurrent Resolution Addressing Service Members in Japan 
  • HCR 6: Concurrent Resolution Regarding Mental Health Support in Schools 
  • HCR 7: Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Creation of The Great Salt Lake Sentinel Landscape 
  • HCR 9: Concurrent Resolution Concerning the Shutdown of Utah’s Power by the Federal Government 
  • HCR 10: Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance in Schools 
  • SCR 7: Concurrent Resolution Concerning the Northern Utah Veterans Cemetery Grant Submission  
  • SCR 8: Concurrent Resolution Promoting Kindness in Utah 
  • SCR 9: Concurrent Resolution Opposing Efforts to Weaken the Economy or Restrict Energy Supply 

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Utah Gov. signs 278 bills into law, more on the way