Hugo Rikard-Bell

Advocates say Temporary Protected Status Program benefits Utah

The Temporary Protected Status extension will benefit immigrants in Utah, as well as the communities they serve and Utah as a whole.
3 days ago

Domestic violence shelters are full and programs are underfunded, says Lt. Gov.

Domestic violence victim referrals are on the rise and women's shelters are filling up, according to Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson.
6 days ago

PHOTOS: 80 immigrants become U.S. citizens after citizenship ceremony in West Jordan

Eighty individuals became U.S. citizens on Friday at a citizenship ceremony in West Jordan.
15 days ago

Utah Republicans vote for 2nd Congressional District

Across the 2nd Congressional District, polling stations and ballot drop boxes are set up and ready to receive ballots.
19 days ago

17 year old who pleaded guilty to killing girlfriend gets maximum sentence

Francisco Aguilar who shot and killed his girlfriend in Jan. was sentenced to serve 25 years to life in prison. This is the maximum sentence.
27 days ago

Afghan refugees in Utah struggle to keep legal status two years after military withdrawal

Passing the Afghan Adjustment Act will greatly support those Afghans seeking asylum in Utah and elsewhere.
1 month ago

No charges will be filed in shooting of 13-year-old Linden Cameron

Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill says no charges would be filed against the police officer who shot 13-year-old Linden Cameron in September 2020.
1 month ago

Why did the FBI shoot a man in Provo, the same day President Biden landed in Salt Lake City?

Neighbors shocked, saddened as Provo resident Craig Robertson is shot by FBI agents on same day President Biden arrived in Utah.
2 months ago

Granite School District blames recent school closures on low enrollment

Granite School District says a decline in student enrollment has led to the closure of three elementary schools.
2 months ago

Optional program launches for private gun sales checks

The program is for people making private gun sales in Utah to search concealed carry permit numbers to check restricted person status.
2 months ago

Suspect taken into custody after shooting in West Haven

Police said the suspect, Dallas Martineau, admitted to stalking his brother-in-law, who was shot when he went out to his back porch.
3 months ago

Domestic violence service providers in Utah to see funding cuts

This comes on the same day that Utah is mandating officers to carry out lethality assessments on domestic violence calls. Among these service providers seeing cuts is The Refuge Utah.
3 months ago

UDOT plans for I-15 interchange in Spanish Fork concerns residents

The UDOT plans are supposed to address a big population boom expected for Spanish Fork -- a 115% increase by the year 2050.
3 months ago

Hard times in a good year: Why lifting Title 42 won’t help Utah’s farm labor shortage

A different labor force than in the past, and a hitch with the H2A Visa, impacts Utah's farm labor shortage far more than Title 42.
3 months ago

Summer brings threat of harmful algal blooms to Utah’s lakes

The threat of harmul algal blooms will return at some point this summer in Utah lakes which means potential health hazards.
3 months ago

Legislature officially approves timeline for special election

Utah lawmakers officially changed the upcoming elections to coincide with the special election. The municipal elections will be held Sept. 5 and the primary will be held Nov. 21.
3 months ago

Suspect in Ogden officer-involved-shooting identified

Ogden Police Chief Eric Young said the suspect was told multiple times to drop his weapon before he fired on police.
4 months ago

Lawmaker says Bible ban didn’t follow the law he helped create

A Utah lawmaker tells KSL NewsRadio Davis School District's decision to ban the Bible from schools didn't follow the law he helped create.
4 months ago

Kouri Richins family satisfied with partial gag order issued in case, says spokesman

A Third District Judge issued a partial gag order due to the popularity and interest in the Richins case.
4 months ago

China’s soured milk and its impact on Utah’s dairy farmers

Does China have a noticeable impact on the day-to-day lives of everyday Americans? Utah dairy farmers will tell you; yes, they absolutely do.
4 months ago

Parents call for help to find missing children linked to FLDS

For years Utah has been plagued with rumors of missing children linked to the religious extremist Warren Jeffs of the FLDS.
5 months ago

Xylazine is in Utah, and is a significant threat says the DEA

Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer linked to overdoses in the United States. It's cheap and deadly threat according to the DEA.
6 months ago

Former Unified police chief discusses how police respond to copycat situations

Copycat situations are common following a school shooting such as the one that occurred in Tennessee earlier this week.
6 months ago

Spanish Fork fire destroys twin home, human remains found

The Spanish Fork House fire has emergency personnel digging through debris to try to find the homeowner. Possible remains found.
6 months ago