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Copper Hills student arrested for Snapchat threat

The Salt Lake City Police Department has arrested nearly two dozen registered sex offenders. (Photo: Getty Images)

WEST JORDAN — West Jordan Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy after they say he threatened to shoot a middle school student through Snapchat.

Police Chief Ken Wallentine says tension had been rising for unknown reasons over the past week between the teen, who goes to Copper Hills High School, and the student at nearby Sunset Ridge Middle School.

“The situation deteriorated until yesterday afternoon when there was a physical altercation involving at least those two students. One of the students then went home or went somewhere and posted threats of school violence on social media,” Wallentine said.

Several other students saw the threats on Snapchat and reported it anonymously on the Safe UT app.

“We’re very grateful that there were kids who had the Safe UT app on their phone and who chose to take action and make a report. I think those are the real heroes here,” Chief Wallentine says.

Police searched the teen’s bedroom, but they did not find any weapons. Officers do not believe he had access to a gun.

Editorial note: the headline of this story has been edited to correct inaccurate capitalization. The student attends Copper Hills High School, not West Jordan.