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UHP troopers looking for man involved in I-15 road rage incident

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Troopers with Utah Highway Patrol are looking for a man suspected in a road rage attack on I-15. 

Reported road rage incident on I-15

The incident reportedly happened Friday evening, according to Brenden Borrowman. His wife was driving on the interstate in an SUV with their three kids when a man driving a truck with a trailer hit her vehicle.

At that time, she sent a FaceTime call to her husband.

“He just hit me!” Borrowman says his wife exclaimed to him. “He’s trying to do a hit and run.”

Borrowman was able to gather more information as he stayed on the call with his wife.

“My wife was in the far left lane in the commuter lane,” he explains to KSL-TV. “There was a white truck next to her pulling a trailer and he started drifting, so she tried to speed up to not get hit or pushed into the barrier. He eventually got behind and then proceed to accelerate and ram her.”

Looking for the driver and offering a reward

Later, his wife claims the man started verbally assaulting her from his vehicle.

“The windows were down because we had dogs in the backseat,” says Borrowman. “He started screaming at my family, ‘I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill the kids! Get out, I will show you what’s up!'”

After that, the man allegedly rammed into her vehicle again and proceeded to follow the SUV for 10 more miles.

“He followed them from the I-215 interchange to the 5300 exit where highway patrol got her off,” explains Borrowman. “He chased her the whole way; at one point, she was going 90 miles an hour and he was towing a trailer and keeping up with her, every lane change.”

Unfortunately, troopers were unable to track the driver of the truck.

The Borrowman family is now offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can successfully identify the man.

Anyone with information on the driver should contact UHP’s Salt Lake City dispatch at 801-284-5520.