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KSL Greenhouse: Conserving energy with trees

(Photo Credit: Canva Images)

SALT LAKE CITY — This summer’s record high temperatures have air conditioners in Utah working harder than ever. And they also have people looking for more ways to help conserve energy around the house. 

This was a topic recently on the KSL Greenhouse Show where host Taun Beddes provided tips on how to conserve energy by planting trees.

He said that if done properly, planting trees can help conserve water and energy in the summer and winter months.

Shade is key

“You can actually reduce your cooling bill by up to 50% with shade trees around your home,” Beddes said. 

Not any tree will work, though. Taun recommends planting deciduous trees which provide shade during summer and, in winter when their leaves fall, the sun can warm up your house.

“Medium size maple, medium size oaks, zelkovas, hackberries” are trees that Beddes recommends. He said they have to be placed on the west side of the house for maximum effect.

To learn more tips on energy and water conservation using trees listen to the podcast below!

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