First car vending machine debuts in Utah

Nov 10, 2021, 4:57 PM
carvana car vending machine debuts in Utah...
Carvana says its 29th car vending machine will be Utah's first. Photo: Carvana

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah car buyers: Would you buy a car out of a vending machine? Not a toy car. Carvana launched an eight-story life-size-car vending machine Wednesday, just off Interstate 15 in Lehi.

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Customers drop a special coin in the vending machine and their purchase descends to ground level for them to drive away in.

A Utah car vending machine

Carvana joined KSL NewsRadio’s Dave & Dujanovic Wednesday to explain how the new Utah car vending machine works. 

Veronica Cardenas with Carvana said a potential buyer can go to the company website and select one of its 55,000 used cars. If you live in the area, she said, you can schedule a time for your purchased car to be dispensed from the big vending machine in Lehi.

She promised your car wouldn’t become stuck in the giant vending machine like an overinflated bag of Fritos.

“All the cars that you see that are in the machine driving by, those have already been ordered by customers. They’ve scheduled appointments, and they can now go to the machine and set up a time with a customer advocate who will give them a oversized commemorative coin — a Carvana coin — that we have and they can put it in the — in the slot and watch the magic happen,” she said.

What if there’s a problem? 

According to Carvana, the company offers a seven-day return policy, no matter what. 

“We will take the car back, no questions asked,” Cardenas said. “You could swap it out for something else. We just want to make it as convenient for folks as possible and give them the peace of mind that if they do purchase something and they decide that they don’t like it, we will come back to their home and pick it up from them. No problem.”

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First car vending machine debuts in Utah