Davis School District apologizes, calls letter sent to parents about COVID-positive students ‘a mistake’

Jan 14, 2022, 7:28 PM
Woods Cross High School, one of the schools that received a 'mistake' email about COVID-positive st...
Woods Cross High School, one of the schools that received a 'mistake' email about COVID-positive students. Photo: Paul Nelson

FARMINGTON –The Davis School District is apologizing for sending conflicting and confusing emails regarding students who test positive for COVID-19.  They say the letter saying COVID-positive students could still attend class was a mistake.

When Ty Barney arrived for class at Layton High School on Friday morning, he said it felt like half of the students were gone and there weren’t many teachers, either.  Barney said it felt like the faculty was already having trouble finding enough instructors because of COVID-19.

“One of my teachers, she has a student teacher in her class [that] was actually subbing another teacher because none of the teachers are here.  It’s crazy just how fast the cases went up,” Barney said.

Families at both Layton High School and Woods Cross High School received emails saying the “test to stay” protocol had been suspended because of a shortage of tests and medical personnel and that kids who tested positive or declined testing would be allowed to go to school, although it urged parents to keep their kids home if they were feeling sick.

(The letter sent to families at Woods Cross High School. Photo: Woods Cross High School)

Barney said his mother couldn’t believe what she was reading.

He said, “My mom actually saw that and she was like, ‘This is crazy.  They’re saying they’re letting kids back to school that have COVID.’”

Barney acknowledges the district sent out a correction a few hours later, telling everyone that COVID-positive students should not return to school and that they should stay in isolation.  District Spokesperson Hailey Higgins said their first letter was a mistake, but they can’t confirm how that email was sent out.

She said, “The messaging that came out goes against everything that we have been hearing for two years about, ‘Stay home if you’re sick.’”

A statement released by the district Friday morning says leaders “sincerely apologize” for the confusion as they “navigate the rapidly changing landscape caused by the Omicron variant.”

Higgins said, “If a kid is feeling sick, if a student or a teacher or anyone is feeling sick, of course, don’t come to school.  Stay home.  Take care of yourself.  Get better.  Wait five days or longer if necessary.”

If the symptoms persist, students are told to stay home until they don’t have a fever for 24 hours.

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Davis School District apologizes, calls letter sent to parents about COVID-positive students ‘a mistake’