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Alexandrea is an associate producer for KSL NewsRadio and Utah's Morning News. She is a recent graduate of Weber State University where she was the Managing Editor for the student-run paper. You can reach her at

Encounter a bison? Wildlife officials say to keep your distance

Just because bison aren't predators doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. Wildlife officials urge people to give bison their space.
4 days ago

Officials urge caution around fast-moving water after weekend deaths

Authorities ask people to be careful around fast-moving water. Two people died after being swept away in separate accidents in 24 hours.
6 days ago

Online enticement grows as children are targeted at younger ages

The median age of victims of online enticement is only 15 years old. Where are online predators getting to their victims?
17 days ago

Working Americans are worried about their future finances

Almost half of working Americans say they feel good about their finances, for now. They're feeling unsure about the future.
22 days ago

Senator Mitt Romney says we should be doing more to combat drought

Senator Mitt Romney is taking a look at how money is being spent on drought-related issues and pushing for more collaboration on the subject.
24 days ago

EV charging is lacking in Salt Lake City

Only about 1.6% of Salt Lake City listings are EV friendly. That makes homes with electric vehicle chargers a hot commodity.
1 month ago

Utah’s latest spring storm slows snowmelt, adds to snowpack

Some areas of Salt Lake County saw two inches of snow from this late spring storm in Utah.
1 month ago

Ogden River kept from flooding through controlled releases, good weather

The Ogden River, alongside other rivers in the state, has high water levels and recent rain prompted concerns about flooding over the weekend.
2 months ago

Melatonin companies given two years to childproof their product, after melatonin related ER visits increase

The CDC said more than 11,000 children went to the ER in the last two years after ingesting melatonin.
2 months ago

Utah storm adding to snowpack that melted over weekend

A storm passing through Utah will increase the snowpack that melted this weekend when the sun came out in force.
2 months ago

Salt Lake City offers revised plan for makeover of 600 North

The city estimates that up to 24,000 vehicles use 600 and 700 North every day, particularly between 800 West and I-15.
2 months ago

School absences rising in Utah and across nation

Utah is just one of the states all over the country experiencing students who are not going to school, resulting in multiple absences.
3 months ago

Cows across the country are getting sick with a “flu-like” illness

Utah is altering the requirements for livestock brought into the state after multiple cows across the country have gotten sick with a flu-like illness.  
3 months ago

Oakley, Utah, adds new water source and lifts development freeze

Almost 1,600 people live in Oakley according to the latest U.S. Census data. Most of them are farmers and ranchers.
3 months ago

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources investigating illegal killings of several wild animals

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is investigating several recent incidents where wild animals were killed and left to waste.
3 months ago

Spring expected to be warmer this year in Utah and nationwide

Spring in Utah starts on March 19, with temperatures expected to be in the 60s for the Wasatch Front.
3 months ago

Salt Lake City residents see 11% increase in monthly bills, with rent taking biggest bite

Rent chews up most of the monthly budget as Salt Lake City residents see 11% rise in expenses compared with last year.
3 months ago

South Salt Lake City Council member censured, claps back

Paul Sanchez claims his censure by fellow members of the South Salt Lake City Council is a response to his claims of corruption in the city.
3 months ago

The Utah Democratic Primary went smoothly, party credits mail-in voting

The Utah Democratic Party is crediting mail-in voting for the smooth success of their 2024 Primary on Super Tuesday.
3 months ago

Decades-long study shows increase in eating disorders among young males

The study showed hospitalizations for young males with eating disorders were up 139%, and even higher in young teens.
4 months ago

Utah Division of Natural Resources wants to combine police agencies

The Utah Division of Natural Resources is seeking to combine its four law enforcements agencies into one unit.
4 months ago

Mountain lion spotted at USU on Tuesday was found, captured

The mountain lion was first spotted on the USU campus, lounging in a tree near the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum.
4 months ago

Committee advances bill preventing Utah public teachers, staff from expressing political opinions

Draper Rep. Jeffrey Stenquist said HB303 reassures parents that kids are only being taught the curriculum. Opponents say the bill's vague language is problematic.
4 months ago

Could this bill be the end of registration stickers on Utah license plates?

A proposed bill would eliminate registration stickers all highway license plates in Utah in order to offer a month-to-month registration plan.
4 months ago