Alexandrea Bonilla

Home prices are down and so are the size of apartments

The average home in Utah costs around $464,000, said the Utah Association of Realtors. Utah's average apartment rents for over $1,600 a month. 
5 days ago

Utah kids drinking more sugar than the national average

A CDC study found 66% of Utah kids consume sugar-added drinks at least once a week, that's higher than the national average.
9 days ago

Flooding is a “major concern” Weber County officials say

All the recent snow is good for Utah's snowpack, but rising temperatures increase the possibility of flooding -- making it a cause for concern.
1 month ago

Course certification now required for OHV driving on Utah public land

For Utah drivers 18 and up, the required OHV course is free. Minors have the option to pass an in-person skills test or take a $35 course.
2 months ago

Freshwater fish may impact your health, new study reports.

According to a study published in the Journal Environmental Research, freshwater fish in the continental United States contain high levels of PFAs.
2 months ago

Housing master plan for Weber County in beginning stages

A Weber County task force is in the beginning stages of creating a housing master plan
2 months ago

Portions of Utah’s alcohol profits to fund underage drinking prevention

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services says part of the money from alcohol sales goes to prevent teen drinking.
2 months ago

Utah alcohol sales exceed $500 million in 2022

Utah has seen an increase of 7.7% in alcohol sales during the 2022 year, an increase that has stayed steady over the past five years.
2 months ago

Animal shelters inundated, pushing capacity after new year

Animal shelters in Utah are still feeling the pinch of capacity as more animals come in than they can adopt out. One animal shelter leader calls it a crisis.
3 months ago

New bill clarifies which minors will be placed on the Utah sex offender registry

The bill would add certain minors to the Utah sex offender registry. It would also define places that registered sec offenders are not allowed to visit.
3 months ago

Humane Society saw uptick in rabbit hoarding in 2022

The Humane Society of Utah said it saw more rabbit hoarding than dog or cat hoarding in 2022. This often comes from families that are overwhelmed with pets.
3 months ago

$1.7 trillion spending bill allocates money to Utah issues

The $1.7 trillion bill that is headed to President Joe Biden's desk includes money that will go to military and natural resource programs in Utah.
3 months ago

Flight cancellations continue to cause stress, concern for travelers

There are now 60 flight cancellations at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Passengers are anxiously waiting to get to their destinations.
3 months ago

Provo fire marshal investigating all fires since February

Provo fire officials are taking a closer look at many of the fires that broke out in the city in 2022. Just last week, two fires broke out in one day.
3 months ago

Ogden City being “proactive” in finding housing solutions

Ogden is looking to increase its housing by converting old hotels into homes and possibly purchasing land to develop affordable housing options.
3 months ago

Ogden Valley to get $5.5 million to help conserve and reuse water

A new sewer system and well will help the Ogden Valley reuse and conserve water in a time when water continues to be scarce.
3 months ago

Weber and Morgan Counties offering PulsePoint CPR notification system

In an emergency situation, the PulsePoint app connects people who know the life-saving skill of CPR with others who could die without it.
3 months ago

New electric bus system coming to Ogden

UTA PR Specialist James Larson said the new all-electric bus system combines the speed and efficiency of a TRAX system with the capacity of a city bus.
4 months ago

Downtown Ogden expansion project begins finalizing plans

A downtown Ogden expansion project, Make Ogden, is taking its first steps to creating a new development called the WonderBlock.
4 months ago

Weber State University considers outsourcing student health care

Right now, the health center at Weber State provides low-cost care to students and does not require any form of insurance.
4 months ago