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Alexandrea is a reporter, anchor and associate producer for KSL NewsRadio. She is a recent graduate of Weber State University where she was the Managing Editor for the student-run paper, The Signpost. When she is not out reporting, she is busy taking photos of her cat.

Numbers show spending is up and savings are down

Recent numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis are showing that, since the pandemic, spending is up but savings are down.
8 days ago

Could thermal imaging cameras be the answer to Utah’s recent rise in pedestrian deaths?

The rising number of pedestrian deaths has companies looking at new solutions. Thermal imaging is among those solutions.
13 days ago

Holiday shopping delayed as economy bounces back from pandemic

Holiday shopping isn't taking off as early as it did in the pandemic. However, an economist says it's the economy returning to normal.
15 days ago

City Creek Canyon closing until 2027 to rebuild water plant

The canyon will be closed during the week with limited access over the weekend. Anything past the water treatment plant is off-limits.
1 month ago

DWR reminding drivers to watch for wildlife

As temperatures cool and days get shorter, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says to be on the lookout for animals on the roads.
1 month ago

Ogden’s water will be shut off Saturday due to a pipeline repair

Water will be shut off from 5 a.m. to midnight. Ogden City said the water shouldn't be used until cold water runs clear.
2 months ago

Use these tools to stay safe during international travel

International travel can be dangerous. There are steps to help stay safe. Namely, the U.S. Department of State's Travel Advisory and STEP.
2 months ago

Tips for picking the perfect pumpkin

Many people are ready to pick out pumpkins for Halloween carving. There are some tips for picking a perfect pumpkin.
2 months ago

Teal Pumpkin Project: Safe trick-or-treating for kids with allergies

The Teal Pumpkin Project raises awareness of food allergies that can be life-threatening. The project encourages handing out non-food items.
2 months ago

End-of-life costs cheaper in Utah, but expert says to plan ahead

Utah's cost of living is average compared to the rest of the country,  but end-of-life costs are lower in the state than in many other places.
3 months ago

Rising car insurance rates hitting drivers

Much like everything else, car insurance is getting more expensive. Some states are seeing as high as a 50% increase over the past year.
3 months ago

Utah has the second highest rate of speed-related fatal crashes

Utah speed-related tickets include driving over the speed limit and sometimes, driving faster than road conditions permit.
3 months ago

SLCC Prison Education Program gives students more than a degree

The SLCC Prison Education Program brings benefits to students like increased job opportunities and a sense of accomplishment.
3 months ago

Calling all Lego lovers! Brickslopes Lego Fan Event is happening in Utah this weekend

All sorts of people will come together this weekend at the Brickslopes Lego Fan Event at the Mountain America Expo Center.
3 months ago

Canyons School District launch scholarship program to encourage teaching careers

The Aspiring Canyons Educator scholarship program is a way Canyons School District is encouraging non-teaching district employees to pursue a college degree in education.
3 months ago

Black Physicians of Utah host Back-To-School Mental Health Day

Parents, teens and clinical workers gathered at the South Salt Lake Community Center to learn and discuss the mental health issues children and teens face during back-to-school season.
4 months ago

Local Hawaiian shaved ice shack looking to help Maui residents

A local Hawaiian shaved ice shack will be raising funds on Saturday to donate to families impacted by the Maui wildfires.
4 months ago

Utah is a hotspot for homeschooling children, study finds

Utah ranks third nationwide for the best state for homeschooling children, according to a study done by the Age of Learning.
4 months ago

Bystanders delay emergency response to house fire in Price

After a house fire destroyed a home in Price, irefighters are asking bystanders to stay out of the way so that crews can get to the emergency quickly.
4 months ago

Here’s how excessive heat can harm our furry friends

Pets are also put at risk in excessive heat. Heat stroke, dehydration, paw burns and even sunburns can affect the four-legged friends.
5 months ago

UDOT says buckled roads are normal during the summertime

Buckled roads are something the Utah Department of Transportation plans for. UDOT used expansion joints to prepare roads for high temperatures.
5 months ago

Refugee soccer team travels the world to share their message on community

#SheBelongs is a soccer team made up of teen girls, half of them from refugee backgrounds, and they're heading to New Zealand to see the Women's World Cup.
5 months ago

An ingredient in diet soda could be linked to cancer, but don’t panic

The WHO plans to list aspartame -- an artificial sweetener commonly used in diet soda -- as a possible carcinogen.
5 months ago

Strong winds increasing fire danger in Utah

Fire danger is on the rise across the state, thanks to the wind blowing and drying things out according to an expert.
6 months ago