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The latest list of top US baby names has a few surprises

The list of the most popular US baby names was released. See what name knocked Benjamin out of the top 10.
9 days ago

Trump’s former ‘thug’ Michael Cohen set for testimony in hush money case

Michael Cohen will testify in the "Hush Money" trial for Donald Trump. Cohen is expected to testify that Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130,000.
10 days ago

Injured youth from Gaza find care in the US, face uncertain future

At least 1,000 children in Gaza have had one or both legs amputated, UNICEF reported in December. That number has since grown.
10 days ago

At least 300 people killed by flash floods in Afghanistan

At least 300 people have died in flash flooding that has ravaged northern Afghanistan in recent days, the Word Food Programme said Sunday.
10 days ago

Apple Store workers in Maryland vote to authorize strike

Apple Store workers in Towson, Maryland made history by voting late May 11 in favor of authorizing a strike.
10 days ago

Canadians evacuate due to wildfires as air quality deteriorates

Thousands across Canada were urged to evacuate from blazing wildfires on Saturday, and the smoke emanating from them could be another danger.
11 days ago

Biden faces bipartisan backlash over Israel ultimatum

Biden is facing backlash from lawmakers over his Israel ultimatum that would result in a shut-off of some US weapons.
11 days ago

Crews could use explosives to demolish part of Baltimore’s Key Bridge

Crews are expected to execute a plan to use small explosives to break apart a massive chunk of the Baltimore bridge that collapsed.
11 days ago

Why tonight’s massive solar storm could disrupt communications and GPS systems

An unusual amount of solar activity due to a solar storm this week could disrupt some of the most important technologies society relies on.
13 days ago

Planet Fitness will raise its $10 membership plan for the first time in 26 years

Planet Fitness will raise the price of its “classic” membership from $10 a month to $15 for new members beginning in the summer.
14 days ago

LISTEN: ABC investigative reporter on impact of explicit details from Stormy Daniels in Trump trial

The adult film star will be back on the witness stand Thursday.
15 days ago

Federal judge indefinitely postpones Trump classified documents trial

A judge indefinitely postponed Donald Trump’s classified documents trial. No trial dates are set for the other three cases against him.
15 days ago

Body of 6th Baltimore bridge collapse victim recovered

The victim was identified as 37-year-old José Mynor López of Baltimore, Maryland, who left behind three children according to CNN.
16 days ago

Trustees: Lawmakers must act to secure Social Security, Medicare

Social Security and Medicare – which support monthly payments to the elderly, survivors and people with disabilities – are expected to out in 2035.
16 days ago

French bakers claim world record for longest baguette

French bakers have taken the record for the longest baguette ever made.
16 days ago

Judge finds Trump in contempt for 10th time over gag order and threatens jail

Judge Juan Merchan has found former President Donald Trump in contempt for violating the gag order in his hush money trial for the 10th time.
17 days ago

How to watch the first crewed flight of Boeing’s long-awaited Starliner spacecraft

Boeing’s spaceflight program may reach a milestone Monday night with the launch of its Starliner spacecraft.
17 days ago

Map: Where university protesters have been arrested

As pro-Palestinian protests have erupted on college campuses nationwide, protesters continue to be arrested.
17 days ago

Biden administration pauses ammunition shipment to Israel

The Biden administration paused a shipment of US-made ammunition to Israel, according to a source familiar with the matter.
17 days ago

Israel closes Al Jazeera news network in the country

Israel has ordered the closure of Al Jazeera in the country, a move the Qatar-based news network called a “criminal act.”
18 days ago

At least 224 people, 153 pets rescued in Texas floods

As rivers swell across South Texas, leaving homes and businesses flooded and thousands of people displaced, residents are looking skyward Sunday as the threat of more rain looms.
18 days ago

Police tactics at campus protests show disparities in approaches to public order and lessons learned post-George Floyd

As universities and colleges turn to police to clear their campuses of protests over Israel’s assault on Gaza that continue to ripple across the nation, the response by law enforcement is under heightened scrutiny
18 days ago

RNC chief counsel resigns after two months

The Republican National Committee’s chief counsel Charlie Spies has resigned two months after accepting the position.
18 days ago

‘Like wildfires underwater’: Coral die-off sweeps planet

The Great Barrier Reef along with similar areas in 53 countries is experiencing a rare mass global bleaching event.
18 days ago