FILE -- Ducks and geese swim in Spring Lake in Payson on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022. Millions have bee...
Britt Johnson

Millions raised for habitat restoration in the state

It's been a record breaking fundraising year for habitat restoration here in Utah.  The Utah Conservation Permit Program raised a record $4.8 million.
6 days ago
The nearly complete giant jawbone is shown along with the jawbone (middle and bottom) found by Paul...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Fossil discovery by 11-year-old is the largest known marine reptile, study says

A jawbone found on a beach along the English coast belonged to a newfound species that’s likely the largest known marine reptile.
7 days ago
Motorists travel under a wildlife crossing bridge spanning I-80 in Parleys Canyon on Tuesday, Oct. ...
Eric Cabrera

Park City group disappointed in UDOT’s wildlife crossing decision

A Park City advocacy group spent years trying to convince the Utah Department of Transportation to build a wildlife crossing on SR 224, between Kimball Junction and Park City. Now they are trying to figure out why UDOT decided to nix the idea.
8 days ago
a dead beaver, 9 beaver deaths are being attributed to rabbit fever...
Carter Williams, KSL.com

‘Rabbit fever’ outbreak believed to be cause of 9 beaver deaths in Utah, wildlife officials say

Utah wildlife officials say that nine beavers and one vole have died in recent weeks from a suspected tularemia outbreak.
10 days ago
An orphaned orca calf is shown in a lagoon near Zeballos, British Columbia, Canada, on Tuesday, Apr...
Sara Smart and Zoe Sottile, CNN

Rescuers in British Columbia pause efforts to save an orphaned orca calf stranded in a lagoon

A team of rescuers has suspended its efforts to save an orca calf that has been stranded for nearly two weeks in a remote lagoon.
12 days ago
bald eagle...
Curt Gresseth

Who shot, killed bald eagle near Cedar City? $10,000 reward available

A $10,000 reward is available for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator who shot and killed a protected bald eagle near Cedar City.
12 days ago
Pele, a gorilla and expectant mother at Hogle Zoo...
Kyle Remund

Hogle Zoo announces upcoming baby gorilla

Hogle Zoo has announced the pregnancy of Pele, an endangered western lowland gorilla. Her new baby is expected to arrive this summer.
13 days ago
A rattlesnake coils up in a rock crevice in San Juan County on Monday, April 26, 2021....
Mariah Maynes

Remaining safe while recreating near rattlesnakes

As temperatures begin to warm, rattlesnakes emerge from their dens. People are also heading outside for activities such as hiking and climbing, increasing the chances of encounters. 
15 days ago
A tanker truck carrying fish was involved in an accident in northeast Oregon on March 29....
Zoe Sottile, CNN

Tens of thousands of live salmon fell off a truck in Oregon – and into a creek

When a truck carrying over 100,000 salmon crashed and overturned in Oregon, it almost spelled disaster for the fish aboard.
17 days ago
A Barbie-pink sea pig saunters along the seafloor near the Clarion-Clipperton Zone...
Katie Hunt, CNN

Deep-sea expedition captures stunning images of creatures in Pacific mining zone

45-day expedition to the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, which wrapped March 20, documented biodiversity in the abyssal plain.
22 days ago
Wilson’s phalaropes at Mono Lake, California....
Heather Peterson

Group petitions U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect migratory bird called Wilson’s phalarope

The Center for Biological Diversity submitted a petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect a bird called Wilson's phalarope, under the Endangered Species Act. 
26 days ago
Dairy cows across the country, specifically in Texas, Kansas and New Mexico are getting sick with a...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Cows across the country are getting sick with a “flu-like” illness

Utah is altering the requirements for livestock brought into the state after multiple cows across the country have gotten sick with a flu-like illness.  
28 days ago
Aerial view of harvester and speeder boats deploying containment booms in preparation for harvestin...
Adam Small

The Great Salt Lake’s brine shrimp population looking plentiful

The Great Salt Lake's brine shrimp population is in good shape for the beginning of spring. The number of eggs is up 50% from last year.
1 month ago
A Murray business is worried about the geese that have taken up residence on a small window ledge o...
Don Brinkerhoff

The staff at a Murray business office are worried about a pair of geese

The pair of Canadian geese have been coming around this Murray office for a couple of years now. But now, the female is laying eggs.
1 month ago
A moose stands in front of a fence....
Alexandrea Bonilla

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources investigating illegal killings of several wild animals

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is investigating several recent incidents where wild animals were killed and left to waste.
1 month ago
a great white shark named leebeth...
PATRICK WHITTLE Associated Press

How a wandering white shark’s epic journey could provide clues for protecting them

Great white sharks roam the ocean searching for their favorite food, marine mammals, and were once hunted without discrimination.
1 month ago
dog looking out at wildlife, dwr says to be cautious with pets around wildlife...
Mariah Maynes

DWR reminds owners to control pets around wildlife

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources reminded people to be careful with their pets around wildlife to ensure everyone's safety.
1 month ago
DWR seeks deer poachers...

Four deer illegally killed, beheaded; DWR asking for help with investigation

The Department of Wildlife Resources says the four buck deer were each beheaded, and the rest of their remains were left to waste.
1 month ago
brine shrimp...
Tim Hughes

Why you should care about the health of Great Salt Lake brine shrimp

Brine shrimp are a major food source for the more than 10 million migratory birds that make a rest stop in the waters of the Great Salt Lake. 
2 months ago
In this remote camera image released by Friends of Big Bear Valley, are a pair of bald eagles stand...
Associated Press

Hatch watch is underway at a California bald eagle nest monitored by a popular online camera feed

Southern California Mountains has an eagle laying on her eggs while people watch to see the eggs hatch from a video on their devices.
2 months ago
FILE: Jerry Monson helps his grandson Logan Webb with his orange while in camp above the Strawberry...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Bill would reduce amount of orange Utah hunters must wear

A bill would reduce the amount of orange required by hunters.
2 months ago
Endangered Utah butterfly...
Ashley Imlay, KSL.com

Rare Utah butterfly lands on list of species at risk of extinction

A petition to list the Utah butterfly as threatened was submitted to the Fish and Wildlife Service more than 10 years ago.
2 months ago
Motorists travel under a wildlife crossing bridge spanning I-80 in Parleys Canyon on Tuesday, Oct. ...
Mariah Maynes

Save People Save Wildlife urges creation of wildlife passageway on SR 224

Save People Save Wildlife has urged Park City's council to add a wildlife passageway on S.R. 224 to its 2024 strategic plan. The organization presented its case to the council on February 15. 
2 months ago
Natural Resources...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Utah Division of Natural Resources wants to combine police agencies

The Utah Division of Natural Resources is seeking to combine its four law enforcements agencies into one unit.
2 months ago