One of the bills passed in the most recent legislative session will allow for the Loa Fish Hatchery...
Mark Jones

Several wildlife-related bills get approval from Gov. Cox.

Several wildlife-related bills were recently signed into law by Gov. Spencer Cox. Here are a few to keep an an eye on moving forward.
4 days ago
The herd of about 80 elk have been traversing between Parley's Canyon and a golf course near I-215 ...
Brooke Williams

Elk herd returns to SLC golf course after multiple relocation attempts

The herd of about 80 elk have been traversing between Parley's Canyon and a golf course near I-215 and Foothill Blvd in Salt Lake City.
4 days ago
The Bureau of Land Management is investigating the shooting of two wild horses on the Onaqui Mounta...
Mark Jones

Reward offered for information on two wild horses shot earlier this month

The Bureau of Land Management says two wild horses were shot earlier this month on the Onaqui Mountain Herd Management area.
8 days ago
Brine Shrimp...
Ben McGonnell

Brine shrimp officially named Utah’s state crustacean

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Cox signed legislation naming the brine shrimp as Utah’s state crustacean. Specifically, the small crustaceans known as brine shrimp inhabit the salty waters of the Great Salt Lake. Brine Shrimp eggs or ‘cysts’ are harvested by private companies and used as food for fish and commercially grown shrimp. The harvesting […]
11 days ago
Elk Relocation...
Ben McGonnell

Elk relocation and sections of I-80 closure

To facilitate Elk Relocation, Utah DWR plans to coax 80 elk from Salt Lake City golf course and across the highway.
12 days ago
cougar sighting...
Curt Gresseth

Year-round cougar hunting in Utah? Those for and against sound off

Should it be open season on cougars in Utah? A state lawmaker explains why his bill is needed to thin the population of mountain lions, but a spokesman for the Western Wildlife Conservancy says the legislation addresses a problem that doesn't exist.
21 days ago
Wilson's Phalaropes and flamingos at Laguna Mar Chiquita. (Photo: Yanina Druetta)...
Aimee Van Tatenhove, Utah Public Radio

Ambitious initiatives and shorebirds connect two saline lakes hemispheres apart

As saline lakes continue to shrink globally, environmental protections are critical for these threatened ecosystems.
21 days ago
a cougar is pictured, hunting a cougar could change with a new law...
Carter Williams

Group calls for Cox to veto Utah bill that opens door for year-round cougar hunting

The cougar hunting bill also calls for a study of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles in hunting, among other changes.
23 days ago
The Utah Divisioin of Wildlife Resources is asking anglers to help with the removal of specific fis...
Mark Jones

DWR asking Utah anglers to target three waterbodies, remove specific fish

The DWR is asking anglers to consider three waterbodies on their next fishing trip to help with the removal of specific fish.
24 days ago
utah bullfrog...
Mark Jackson

What’s for dinner? The DNR suggests bullfrog!

The Utah Department of Natural Resources is suggesting putting bullfrog on the menu. The frog is considered an invasive species.
29 days ago
Portions of several popular climbing routes in Zion National Park closed today, March 1. And they w...
Simone Seikaly

Zion National Park closes portions of climbing routes for nesting raptors

These climbing routes at Zion National Park are closed each year to offer peace and quiet to the raptors that may build their nests there.
30 days ago
Wild swans are seen at the Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area in 2013. Photo credit: Mike Christe...
Mark Jones

Wild swans migrating through Utah in March, where to see them

On March 11, the Division of Wildlife Resources will hold a special event at two different locations as wild swans migrate north.
1 month ago
Animal advocates are weighing in on a proposed bill that would make it illegal to leave out food fo...
Kate Davis

Animal advocates speak against bill that would prohibit feeding stray cats

Animal advocates are weighing in on a proposed bill that would make it illegal to leave out food for stray cats overnight.
1 month ago
chicken is pictured, chickens are being monitored for bird flu...
Hugo Rikard-Bell

Bird flu under control in Utah, but still a risk

Bird flu in Utah is still affecting wild avian populations. The Division of Wildlife Resources is trying to avoid spreading the illness to domestic birds.
1 month ago
elk stuck on a cliff Provo Canyon...
Devin Oldroyd

DWR responds to bull elk stuck on cliff in Provo Canyon

The Division of Wildlife Resources responded to a bull elk stuck on a cliff Tuesday. One individual estimates the elk was stuck 200 ft. above the roadway.
1 month ago
Elk Relocation...
Ben McGonnell

Dogs have been chasing wildlife, DWR reminds owners it’s illegal

DWR urges dog owners to leash their dogs. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said one recent incident left an elk injured.
2 months ago
hogle zoo lion pictured...
Hugo Rikard-Bell

Hogle Zoo lion makes his prediction for 2023 Super Bowl

Vulcan, a lion at Utah's Hogle Zoo, has correctly predicted the past two Super Bowl champs. Will he get it right again this year?
2 months ago
two deer are pictured gazing up along the grass, research will take a deep dive into deer this seas...
Hugo Rikard-Bell

DWR implements emergency state-wide restrictions on shed antler hunting

The Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented emergency state-wide restrictions for shed antler hunting to help protect Big Game in Utah.
2 months ago
elk are crossing i-80, their presence will cause closure on saturday...
Adam Small

UHP urges drivers to slow down around elk, other wildlife

SALT LAKE CITY — The area around Foothill Drive and Parley’s Canyon is seemingly gaining popularity among herds of elk, as they have been seen every day since they were first spotted in late January. Unfortunately, the busy roads in that area have led to multiple crashes involving the animals like elk. Now, Utah Highway […]
2 months ago
Follow @SimoneSeikaly...
Simone Seikaly

Elk herd again on the move near Foothill Drive and Parley’s Canyon

Drivers near Foothill Drive and Parley's Canyon were warned to remain vigilant as officials worked to move the herd.
2 months ago
A herd of elk ended up on the roadways near I-80 and Foothill Boulevard on Thursday, Jan 26, 2023. ...
Mark Jones

Four elk killed as herd gets too close to I-215 and I-80

Four elk were killed Wednesday after a herd of elk got too close to I-215 and I-80. Two of the elk were struck and killed by vehicles. The other two had to be euthanized after being hit.
2 months ago
Follow @SimoneSeikaly...
Simone Seikaly

Elk, again, tried to cross roads near I-215/I-80 interchange in SLC

The Utah Department of Transportation reports that a herd of around 40 elk is stranded on the east bench.
2 months ago
Hugo Rikard-Bell

Why is there an increase of wildlife in SLC neighborhoods?

If you've seen an increase of wildlife in your neighborhoods, you're not the only one. Weather patterns are putting animals on the move.
2 months ago
A herd of elk was crossing lanes of westbound I-80 in Salt Lake City on Thursday....
Elizabeth Weiler

Herd of elk pushed away from I-80 and moved back into mountains

The animals had moved down the mountain looking for food according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
2 months ago

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