Boyd Matheson


Boyd is the host of Inside Sources, weekdays from 1-3 p.m.. Previously, Boyd Matheson was the opinion editor and head of strategic reach at the Deseret News. He is best known for his principle-based approach to solving issues. For over 25 years he has worked as a consultant, executive strategist and performance coach with global companies.

During his tenure as Symantec’s Director of Corporate Communication, Boyd led an unprecedented charge in transforming the company’s brand, culture, internal communication and leadership development.  His political consulting work included speechwriting, crafting communication strategies and providing personal counsel to local and national elected officials.  As Chief of Staff for US Senator Mike Lee, he drove a media, communication and policy strategy to build a movement around upward mobility and opportunity for all Americans.  His tenure at Sutherland Institute elevated the conservative think tank as the resource for insight, dialogue and solutions that promote a free market economy, civil society and community-driven solutions.

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Boyd Matheson