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UHP graduates 32 new troopers to protect highways, streets

SANDY – They’ve learned PIT maneuvers, safe traffic stops, and more, so 32 new UHP troopers are ready to boost safety on Utah’s highways.

On Wednesday, they learned how to give media interviews a at the Public Safety Enforcement Training Center in Sandy.

Their academy lasted four months.

“It was long. It was hard. Some days, it was harder than others, and some days, it was more rewarding than others,” said new Trooper Steven Hellyer, who will be assigned to Davis County.

His brother, new Trooper Caden Hellyer, will be assigned to Utah County. Caden wishes he could have used his new defensive tactics growing up.

“It definitely would have helped,” he said. “I’m number three of four (brothers). We’re learning different tactics to improve on.”

Kelley Jansen left substitute teaching and made it through a pool of applicants 2,000 deep.

“I didn’t know that many applied, so I’m very humbled by that, and very honored,” she said.

They believe law enforcement is still rewarding, albeit dangerous, work.

Steven Hellyer knows he’ll deal with families who have just lost loved ones in accidents.

“Treat everybody like they’re family,” he said. “Let everybody know that there’s always a better day. Things happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to a better future.”

Jansen knows her new job as a trooper can be far more life-threatening.

“We’ll maneuver around cars that are moving at a higher rate of speed while dealing with other people on the side of the road,” she said. “That will obviously be difficult, but as long as we pay attention, and be cautious, we’ll be alright.”

The new hires come just in time to help backfill the number of troopers assigned to Operation Rio Grande in downtown Salt Lake who have been fighting crime among that area’s homeless population.