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You Know Who Brigham Young Was, But Have You Ever Gone and Visited Him?

This article about Brigham Young is presented by Temple Square. Experience the beautiful landscape and historic buildings of Salt Lake City’s Temple Square, one of Utah’s top tourist attractions. Book a free tour today! Plus Visit the Brigham Young Memorial Garden just a block away. 

Brigham Young was born in Vermont in 1801 was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1832. He became ordained as an apostle in 1835 and, after Joseph Smith’s death in 1844, was chosen to be the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints until his death in 1877. Brigham Young led an exodus of thousands of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Illinois in 1846.  After arriving in the Salt Lake Valley about a year later, he proclaimed “This is the Right Place.” The prophet immediately chose a site to build a temple and then planned the rest of the city around it.  Temple Square was born.

Visit Brigham Young

The Brigham Young Cemetery and Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument is a short walk up the hill to the east of the church office building plaza. Today it’s sandwiched between two apartment buildings.  In 1848, this acre was part of the prophet’s land and overlooked the valley the pioneers had settled.  When Young died from the effects of a ruptured appendix in 1877, he was buried here alongside other family members that had passed away before, as well as Eliza R. Snow, a former Relief Society president.

This Is More than Just A Memorial For Brigham Young

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When you walk in the front gate of the park, you are greeted by a statue commemorating the six thousand pioneers that lost their lives along the Pioneer Trail. The pioneer trail is no small feat. Young directed the migration of sixteen thousand pioneers from Nauvoo Illinois to Salt Lake City Utah between 1846-1852. There are also two plaques in the park nearby honoring the hymns, “Come, Come, Ye Saints” and “O My Father.” And in the back, near the site of Brigham Young’s grave, is a beautiful bronze sculpture of the prophet reading to his curious children.


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Visit an Incredible Hidden Treasure In Downtown Salt Lake

If you haven’t had a chance to visit this hidden treasure of Salt Lake City, give yourself five or ten minutes to walk up First Avenue to see the Brigham Young Cemetery and Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument. The Brigham Young Cemetary and Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument is located at 140 E. First Ave in Salt Lake City and is open daily until 8 p.m. However, the gates stay locked during less than favorable weather. The Brigham Young Cemetery and Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument is so small that you could easily miss it. But visiting the prophet is an experience you won’t want to miss.