Bacon App creating a sizzle in gig economy

Jun 17, 2019, 12:42 PM | Updated: 1:56 pm
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The "Bacon" app describes itself as being like Uber for hourly work. Photo: Getty Images

When you hear the word bacon, you probably think of the glorious sizzle of a breakfast staple, but the Bacon that Dave and Dujanovic talked about during their Right on the Money segment Monday looks to put some sizzle in your work instead of next to your eggs.

Bacon is an app developed in Utah that looks to partner up workers with employers for short term gigs.

Since January, nearly 3,500 workers have signed up with the app across Utah and Texas. Users are matched up with short-term, incidental hourly work that companies need to fill quickly.

Bacon CEO Hunter Sebresos says that his team found a niche that they knew they could fill because of the changing view that people are looking at work.

“The way people want to work these days is much more flexible than the traditional model,” Sebresos said.

“It’s kind of like a dating app but for employees,” said Taylor Brantly, who works at the Hogle Zoo. Brantly says that she’s posted temporary jobs a few times on Bacon and that it’s made her job easier.

That is something that Sebresos says he hoped for when they created the app.

“Whether they are doing it on the side, whether they are doing it in between jobs, or whether they want to do this all the time and experience new things,” Sebresos said he hopes that Bacon will give job seekers the experience they are looking for.

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Bacon App creating a sizzle in gig economy