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glass recycling SLC Liberty Park
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Glass recycling in Salt Lake park now a little more colorful

Calling it a highly visible statement piece in Liberty Park, SLC and Momentum Recycling have unveiled a new public glass recyling bin. Photo credit: Momentum Recycling

SALT LAKE CITY — You can call the new public glass recycling bin in Liberty Park a statement piece. Because that’s how Salt Lake City government describes it.

Or you can call it a public art piece. Or just a pretty dumpster.

In any case, there’s a colorful new dumpster available for public glass recycling in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park. And you can’t miss it for the hand-painted wrap-around mural of Utah’s famous red rock arches. Local artist Josh Scheuerman painted the bin.

“As a native Utahn, I feel responsible for the wild and natural places,” Scheuerman said. “I believe it’s vitally important for new technology and information to help increase recycling alongside local art.”

Glass recycling a priority for Salt Lake City government

The new bin reflects a priority for the government of Salt Lake City.

“We take the stewardship of our environment to heart in Salt Lake City,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

“I’m excited to celebrate the importance of glass recycling, which is the most local form of recycling in the City. We hope it inspires more people to use this service.”

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Salt Lake City government partners with a company called Momentum Recycling. In a statement, Mayor Mendenhall’s office said Momentum helped the city keep 1,550 tons of glass out of the landfill in 2019.

What happens with glass recycling

When taken to Momentum Recycling, glass is processed into glass cullet, a material used in the manufacturing of fiberglass insulation. The recycled glass is also used to make new glass containers and products for construction purposes.

“We’re proud of our community, and we know the community is proud to recycle,” said Jason Utgaard, General Manager of Momentum Recycling.

Salt Lake City and Momentum say they plan to put a mural on at least one other dumpster in the next few months.