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Orem residents petition against condo development plan

OREM, Utah — Orem residents are concerned about a planned housing development at Fourth West and 16th North in Orem, and on Monday, despite the rain, they gathered at the proposed site.

They were there in part, to offer a petition for residents to sign. And the developers were there, too. To answer questions.

“The petition is specifically focusing on the traffic. We’re trying to use that angle to try and stop the development or at least get the city to seriously take a second look at it,” resident Jill Barrick told KSL TV reporter Andrew Adams.

“This is 55 units or less, with underground parking, with two accesses,” said the developer, Dennis O’Brien. “The studies we saw said that if you put a retail in here you’d have more traffic.”

Adams reports that the developers have already altered their proposal for the condominium site. The new proposal moves the building 75 feet away from the curb.

But some residents are not convinced, saying while the planned development looks nice, it’s too big for the existing space.