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biden speech before congress includes utah rep
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Utah congressman to escort President Biden to his speech

When President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress, he will be escorted by a bipartisan group including Utah Rep. Burgess Owens. Photo:

WASHINGTON — Rep Burgess Owens, R-Utah, will escort President Biden into the House Chamber for Mr. Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress tonight. 

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Owens will escort President Biden with a bipartisan group

Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, will serve on the congressional escort committee which will walk as a bipartisan group into the chamber along with the president. 

“It’s an honor to walk alongside the Congressional Escort Committee ahead of the President’s State of the Union address,” Owens said in a statement. “Just like millions of Americans, I hope to see a genuine commitment to addressing challenges without burdening hardworking taxpayers or increasing the size and scope of government.” 

The speech is Mr. Biden’s first to a joint session of Congress. Typically, these addresses are known as the State of the Union address, but by tradition, a president’s first speech before a joint session of Congress is not referred to by that name. 

It represents the first time two women will sit behind the president for his speech; Vice-President Kamala Harris serves as president of the Senate, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., serves as house speaker. 

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