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Destructive TikTok licks trend hits Utah schools

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SALT LAKE CITY — The new viral TikTok trend called “devious licks ” has infected several Utah schools. 

Devious Licks on TikTok

The new TikTok trend encourages students to get the biggest “lick” possible. A lick is any act of vandalism, destruction, or thievery at school. 

Users originally posted videos with the #deviouslicks hashtag. After that, TikTok then removed all videos with that tag. People can now post clips with a simpler #devious or #lick tag.

The licks range from covering a bathroom mirror with handsoap to stealing entire bathroom stalls. Some videos show students tearing hand towel dispensers from the wall. Students show off stolen security cameras from their schools in other videos. One clip shows enough stolen smartphones to fill a backpack. 


@gaddis2kthey on demon timing #lick #school #fyp♬ Ryte Night – Never Broke Again & YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Utah schools hit hard

Utah has not been immune to this viral Tiktok licks trend.

Representatives from the Granite and Canyons school districts confirmed several schools have experienced the problem. 

“We’ve had mirrors destroyed, soap smeared all over bathrooms, dispensers stolen,” said Jeff Haney, spokesman for Canyons School District. “It’s been a huge headache.” 

Haney explained the problem is showing up in nearly every district high school and middle school. 

Recently, they sent a letter to parents at Mt. Jordan Middle School detailing what’s happening.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that yesterday and today we have had multiple incidents of vandalism in our bathrooms. Paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers were torn off the walls and either stolen, placed in toilets, or thrown in the garbage. There are also messes being made with paper towels, soap, and toilet paper. This has been happening in both boys and girl’s restrooms.

Our custodial staff is working their best to replace and clean up these items so we can have proper hygiene. We appreciate all their work in keeping up with this.

We have received word that the reason behind this is due to a Tik Tok social media challenge called “devious licks” or “hit a lick”. The goal of this challenge is to steal or destroy something from a school and post it on Tik Tok. Please take some time to speak with your child about this and let them know that if they have information on who has been doing this, they can report it to any adult in the school. They can also utilize the SafeUT app to report it if they are nervous to come down. If the information leads to who is responsible, we will offer a reward through the school. If we get a report and have evidence your child is involved, we will contact parents/guardians regarding the incident and they will be charged the amount for labor and materials to replace it and have appropriate consequences.

We love our Mt. Jordan community and are proud of our students. We want this to be a safe and positive place for all and would love everyone to show their Mt. Jordan pride.

Thank you for all of your support!
MJMS Administration

Ben Horsley, spokesperson for Granite School District, said, “A handful of our secondary schools have received significant damage to our restrooms and other facilities.” 

He added that some of their schools have had to remove items from their restrooms so they can’t be damaged or stolen.

David Stephenson with the Alpine District said they too are seeing a rise in vandalism taking place mostly in their restrooms and is asking parents to speak to their kids about it.

“We appreciate parents talking with their high school students since we will continue to investigate and those causing the intentional destruction will be held accountable.”

No tolerance

Haney said the destruction is not funny and are warning students to not participate. 

“It will not be tolerated in [the district] if you get caught,” said Haney. 

Horsley had a similar message for students. 

“Such vandalism is costly to our taxpayers and will be aggressively investigated and criminally charged,” Horsley said. 

The Granite spokesperson said the district is asking parents to talk with their children about the trend.


Stay tuned to KSL NewsRadio for the latest. Dave and Dujanovic will be speaking to Canyons School District spokesman Jeff Haney live at 9:35 and take your calls.