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Alpine School District bus
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Parent speaks about posters found on Alpine School District bus

One of the posters found aboard an Alpine School District bus. The driver has lost his job.

SALT LAKE CITY — A bus driver was out of a job with the Alpine School District on Monday after hanging up controversial posters in his school bus.

The parent of an Alpine district student spoke with KSL Newsradio and said he learned about the flyers from his 15-year-old child who’d taken a different school bus home than they’d normally take.

The student texted their father pictures of the posters that decorated the bus. They contained religious statements and conservative memes. The father, Jeff Case says he reached out to the school district.

“A bus driver holds a lot of power on the bus,” Case said, “and students often don’t have power to kinda stand up to abusive contact.”

Case said his child reported that the posters were on the bus on Monday morning, despite the Alpine district having said they were removed on Friday.

“But they also noted that when the kids got off the bus, some adults went onto the bus and were talking with the bus driver. But they didn’t know what it was about.”

By Monday afternoon, officials from the Alpine school district said the bus driver was no longer employed by them. They also said that the investigation is complete.

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