Heated driveways are a modern wonder, but what else can you do with radiant heating around your house?

Nov 30, 2021, 3:50 PM | Updated: Dec 8, 2021, 10:56 am
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This sponsored article about heated driveways for your home is presented by Warmzone.

Heated driveways, heated roofs and gutters, heated floors, and other amenities have become staples in homes across the country. That’s because environmentally friendly radiant heat offers many advantages over traditional heating systems. Here are some of the best uses of interior and exterior radiant heat.

Heated Driveways

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How would you like to wake up after a big snowstorm and see your driveway completely clear of snow? Instead of grabbing your gloves and snow shovel, you can grab a coffee mug and your favorite chair. Ah, the joy of a clean, radiant heated driveway

Photo: Warmzone

Driveway heating systems are installed in new and existing driveways and can heat concrete, asphalt, pavers, and more. The systems are energy efficient and fully automated, so they operate only when needed. We can’t vouch for the rest of the city roads, but at least your driveway will be dry and safe.

Heated Floors

heated driveways

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Traditional forced-air heating systems circulate warmed air throughout the house. Heated floors use radiant heat technology to warm the room from the floor up. This is the most efficient heating technology available today, resulting in virtually no heat loss. Instead of blowing the air through a series of ducts and vents, heat emanates from the floor. This provides a continuous level of warmth. In addition to no fan noise from a central blower, you also have no dust or allergens being circulated. And you’ll love that electric heated floors are also maintenance-free.

Radiant floor heating systems are not complex, and several types are available. Each system offers distinct benefits for certain floor types and layouts. Call a radiant heat professional at 888.488.9276 to learn more about the options for your home.

Roof and Gutter De-icing Systems

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Growing numbers of homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits of roof and gutter de-icing. These proven systems enhance safety for pedestrian traffic and also protect roofs from costly hazards, such as ice dams. Roof de-icing systems range from simple heat cable and aluminum panels to thin heating elements installed under shingles. Depending on your home, you’re sure to find a proven system that is ideal for you.

Baseboard and Panel Heaters

Home heating - Heated floors

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Baseboard and panel heaters are used to complement existing heating systems or as standalone heating solutions. The attractive heaters can either be mounted directly to a wall or set up on the floor. Because these systems utilize radiant heat they are extremely efficient. Add comfortable warmth and eliminate cold pockets in large spaces by installing baseboard or panel heaters today.

Countertop Heaters

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The kitchen is typically the most popular gathering place for the family. Why not add some elegant comfort with these easy-to-install countertop heaters? Designed to take the chill out of stone or concrete countertops, these convenient heaters can give your kitchen the inviting warmth and comfort it deserves.

The systems can be easily customized, are easy to use, and plug directly into standard 110V outlets. Affixed to the underside of the counter, these heaters gently raise the countertop temperature about 20˚-25˚F.

Mirror and Towel Heaters

Radiant heating - heated floors - heated driveways

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Transform your house into a dream home with Warmzone’s stunning fog-free mirrors and towel warmers. The fogless mirrors and designer towel heaters blend striking looks with functionality. Making a bathroom upgrade with these amenities is one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

The fogless mirrors also feature optional LED light configurations. Add style and warmth to your bathroom with a fogless mirror and designer towel warmer. Wrap yourself up in warmth and step up to your gorgeous fog-free mirror to begin your morning routine. These are the little luxuries that can help you start your days feeling like royalty.

Contact Warmzone today to learn more about your radiant heat options at 888.488.9276.

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Heated driveways are a modern wonder, but what else can you do with radiant heating around your house?