Britt Johnson

Company looking to harvest lithium from the Great Salt Lake

A private company wants to harvest the Great Salt Lake for lithium but it says it will put all the water back.
16 days ago

Police urge safe driving as school gets back in session

Thousands of students will soon be walking to-and-from school, Police are urging both drivers to be careful as school gets back in session.
1 month ago

Utah schools struggling to find crossing guards

Riverdale Police say they are having to step in and fill positions when crossing guards are hard to find.
2 months ago

Special Education staffing could fall short this school year

Shortages in staffing for Special Education classrooms could become a problem this fall. One person says the positions are hard to staff because they're often part-time.
2 months ago

Ogden Express to start running after 20 years of planning

The Ogden Express officially opens on August 20, and will be free to riders for the first 3 years of its operation.
2 months ago

HELOCs on the rise amid high interest rates

One expert said people are using HELOCs to remodel or add on to their current homes.
2 months ago

If you head up into the mountains, watch out for these bites

SALT LAKE CITY — This time of year, The Utah Poison Control Center gets an influx of calls about bites. Rattlesnake and tick bites are especially worrisome because of the venom and disease the animals carry. Rattlesnake bites Pace recommended heading straight to the hospital if you’ve been bitten by a rattlesnake. On the way, […]
2 months ago

Utah’s high heat raises the UV index

The UV index is rising as a result of the high temperatures around the state. Several days have been over 100 degrees.
2 months ago

Power bills are rising with the heat: here’s how to combat that

People can help keep power bills down by setting thermostats a couple of degrees higher and adding window coverings to keep the heat out.
2 months ago

How to avoid conflict with bats this summer

UDWR said people and homeowners need to take some precautions now that there is an uptick in bats this summer.
2 months ago

UDOT says get ready for more summer road construction projects

The Utah Department of Transportation says the summer road construction season is just starting to heat up, with several more major projects on deck. 
2 months ago

New Salt Lake City School District superintendent taking on opportunities and challenges

Salt Lake City School District has a new superintendent, Elizabeth Grant. She is ready to take on the opportunities and challenges.
3 months ago

Croydon bridge poses danger on Weber River for tubers

WEBER COUNTY, Utah — Tubing, kayaking or rafting along the Weber River this summer may be more dangerous because of the water running high and fast under the Croydon bridge.  Located near the Croydon area, the bridge is completely blocking the popular route. Kyle Hooker, the owner of Barefoot Tubing, has offered tours of the […]
3 months ago

Where is summer? National Weather Service sheds some light

So far this summer has felt cool and wet. What's been going on? Sam Webber with the National Weather Service helps clear it up.
3 months ago

New development could be coming to Union Station in Ogden

A 30-acre development coming to Ogden could have the Union State as the center point.
3 months ago

Fireworks season is almost here. What you need to know

It's important to know the regulations of fireworks this summer season.
3 months ago

Utah lifeguard shortage tied to the long reach of COVID-19

The Utah lifeguard shortage can be blamed on the cost to become certified, COVID-19, and teens leading busier lives than in years past.
3 months ago

Utah looks to supplement COVID education funds as they expire

The Utah Board of Education is looking for funds to replace the COVID educational funds that are expiring in the fall.
4 months ago

Summer schools focusing on literacy and math, keeping students form ‘backsliding’

The past 3 summers Davis School District has focused on literacy & math. This is "critical,", says Traci Robbins with Davis County.
4 months ago

Most Utah high schools have a high graduation rate

High School graduation is underway across the state. Utah typically falls in the upper 80% for graduation rate.
4 months ago

Ogden Valley’s biggest flood risk is groundwater, not the Ogden River, according to resident

Ogden Valley residents’ biggest problem with flooding isn’t the Ogden River, it’s groundwater, according to Huntsville resident.
4 months ago

Can Utahns quit their Diet Coke? A local restaurant owner weighs in

The World Health Organization is warning people about the negative side effects of artificial sweeteners in sodas like Diet Coke.
4 months ago

Amid nationwide teacher shortage, Weber School District turns its focus to retention

The Weber School District is tackling the teacher shortage by focusing on keeping teachers, not hiring new ones.
4 months ago

Netflix Chairman Reed Hastings buys majority share of Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain General Manager, Kevin Mitchell said Hastings has owned a home near the resort for eight years and has lots of big plans.
5 months ago