Dale Spaulding

String of Highway 36 accidents has UDOT stepping in

A series of accidents on Highway 36 in Tooele County has the Utah Department of Transportation stepping in.
4 months ago

BYU to offer machine learning degree this fall

BYU students can start signing up for the machine learning degree this fall. One professor says the degree will set students up for success.
4 months ago

TSA digital ID process lets travelers use app to get through security

The TSA said that the digital ID and verification process is meant to help with boarding times, along with confirming travelers' identities.
7 months ago

Is illness or poor air quality causing that cough?

Inversion can impact a person's health. Is that why people are coughing, or is it just the regular cold and flu season?
8 months ago

Secure firearms is the goal as Ogden police launch safety program

The Secure Your Firearms campaign includes a video launched on YouTube, where Ogden City police cite an increase in stolen handguns.
9 months ago

New tech aims to provide oxygen if trapped in an avalanche

New tech aims to help those trapped in an avalanche, but some experts are concerned people will rely too much on the vest.
9 months ago

Outdoor Retailer trade show returns to Salt Lake after years away

The owners of the Outdoor Retailer trade show decided to return to Salt Lake City, saying that their move to Denver did not get the result they expected.
9 months ago

Sandy City racing to repair roads ahead of storm

A surge in winter storms has caused an uptick in pothole damage throughout Sandy City. The city hopes to repair damage ahead of storm.
9 months ago

Gas prices will continue to drop in 2023, according to price watchers

Gas prices in 2023 will lower after prices skyrocketed in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine.
9 months ago

Uncontested races in Utah: Why are there so many?

There are over 200 uncontested races on Utah ballots this election. One expert suggests that party majorities are dissuading potential candidates.
11 months ago

Salt Lake County Health Department launches real-time “AirView” map

The seasons are changing, which means inversions in the Salt Lake Valley. Inversions pull pollutants closer to the ground impacting respiratory health.
11 months ago

How will the $595 million bond for Alpine School District affect residents?

The Alpine School Board bond that is showing up on ballots this year has a lot of discussion surrounding it.
12 months ago