Utah Drought

The water level at Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US by volume, is at its lowest since it ...
Nouran Salahieh and Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN

More human remains discovered in Lake Mead’s receding waters

More human remains have been found in the receding waters of Lake Mead, authorities announced Saturday. This is the fourth time human remains have been found at Lake Mead National Recreation Area since May.
16 hours ago
Four American white pelicans forage in Utah Lake on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. The Daybreak Water Compan...
Martha Harris

Low water levels at Utah Lake cause restrictions for Daybreak

The Daybreak Water Company says its secondary access at Utah Lake is restricted due to low water levels. However, a expert says those restrictions are in place for the health of the lake.
3 days ago
sprinkler is pictured. Secondary water is used for irrigation....
Kate Davis

Utah Board of Water Resources approves nearly $200 million to build secondary water meters

Grants totaling around $190 million will be used to build over 100,000 new secondary water meters across the state of Utah.
3 days ago
water restrictions Washington County...
Simone Seikaly

Restrictions on golf courses, non-functional grass among Washington County strict water rules

The new Washington County water ordinances also ask residents and businesses to use secondary, or untreated water for outdoor use when available.
5 days ago
A woman places a statue on water-wise landscaping...
Devin Oldroyd

New poll says Utahns want incentives for water-wise landscaping

A new poll shows half of Utahns believe incentives for water-wise landscaping would be the best way to encourage water conservation.
7 days ago
The drying Great Salt Lake is pictured at Farmington Bay...
Lindsay Aerts

Your Diet Coke can could be in jeopardy if the Great Salt Lake dries up

As the Great Salt Lake shrinks, the impact of its decline grows. Industries from food to recreation stand to be affected by the lake's declining water levels.
10 days ago
Great Salt Lake bill...
Dan Bammes

Romney’s Great Salt Lake bill folded into larger law, passes the Senate

Sen. Mitt Romney's Great Salt Lake bill was rolled into the larger Water Resources Development Act of 2022, which just passed in the Senate.
10 days ago
Salt Lake County is working to make sure its golf courses don't use as much water in the drought co...
Allie Litzinger

Salt Lake water watchers say Utahns stepped up to conserve water

The Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District is happy with the results after asking customers to conserve by reducing water use by 10% back in May.
11 days ago
Clouds over antelope island are pictured. The DNR wants to try cloud seeding to help the lake...
Lindsay Aerts

Cloud seeding could bring more water to the Great Salt Lake, Utah Department of Natural Resources says

Cloud seeding is a type of weather modification. The Utah Department of Natural Resources thinks it could bring more water to the Great Salt Lake.
11 days ago
The Great Salt Lake's levels could mean bad news from dust that blows up in the wind....
Keira Farrimond, KSL TV

Goals of the Great Salt Lake Collaborative, a solutions journalism initiative

The far-reaching impacts that have brought Utah media outlets together to tell the critical story of the Great Salt Lake.
12 days ago
The dried Antelope Island marina at the Great Salt Lake is pictured....
Aimee Cobabe

The Great Salt Lake is shrinking, but one leader says we can reverse the trend

But, the Acting Director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources said that the state can reverse the trend.
12 days ago
Sprinkler water-wise utah drought...
Don Brinkerhoff, KSL Newsradio and Dan Spindle, KSL TV

Can water-wise landscaping help save the Great Salt Lake?

Utah residents may have to rethink how their water usage impacts the levels of the Great Salt Lake and our somwpacks.
13 days ago
Image of a tomato plant...
Chandler Holt

How does heat impact vegetables?

The heat has been no joke so far this summer. The sun is great for many plants, but the heat is another story. 
16 days ago
Colorado River Basin...
Lindsay Aerts

New research predicts Lake Powell, Lake Mead collapse if Colorado River Basin states don’t make sacrifices

A possible solution, among many suggested by the study authors, is a deal between the Colorado River Basin states to conserve and reduce water use.
17 days ago
NASA Lake Mead...
Caitlin Lilly

Satellite images from NASA show water loss at Lake Mead since 2000

NASA noted that water levels at Lake Mead currently stand at the lowest since April 1937 when it was originally filled.
17 days ago
Salt Lake Fireworks...
Devin Oldroyd

Firework restrictions throughout Utah as Pioneer Day approaches

As Utah prepares to celebrate Pioneer Day, firework restrictions are set up in towns and counties throughout the state.
17 days ago
Monarch butterflies land on branches at Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, Calif., Wednesday...

Beloved monarch butterflies now listed as endangered

Haddad, who was not directly involved in the listing, estimates that the population of monarch butterflies he studies in the eastern United States has declined between 85% and 95% since the 1990s.
17 days ago
The Great Salt Lake is pictured with a receded water line...
Leia Larsen, Salt Lake Tribune

Yes, data centers use a lot of water, but a Utah company shows it doesn’t have to be that way

Compared to most massive data centers around the state and the world, Novva uses a fraction of the water.
21 days ago
A woman crosses the street holding an umbrella up. Did the recent rain help the drought in Utah?...
Adam Small

Recent rain appreciated, but not enough to help the drought in Utah says meteorologist

The drought in Utah hasn't budged, according to a local meteorologist, despite some monsoonal rains hitting the Wasatch Front over the past week.
21 days ago
Sen. Mitt Romney is introducing a bill to help the Great Salt Lake's historically low water levels....
Kira Hoffelmeyer

Sen. Romney introduces bill to help Great Salt Lake

Sen. Mitt Romney is proposing a bill that would fund a study into saving the Great Salt Lake, just days after it hit its most historic lows. 
25 days ago
A man walking the Great Salt Lake on an area that has dried up due to drought....
Martha Harris

Gov. Cox responds to national attention on Utah drought

Following national attention, Gov. Spencer Cox wants people to know about the positive steps the state has taken to manage the drought.
1 month ago
The Great Salt Lake has reached a historic low level of water....
Waverly Golden

The Great Salt Lake water level reaches a historic low as Utah continues to face extreme drought

Utah is in an extreme drought, causing the Great Salt Lake to reach a historic low level. Over the past 128 years, 2022 has been the driest year to date in Utah.
1 month ago
This June 5, 2013, image provided by the California Department of Water Resources shows a drip irri...
JESSICA DAMIANO Associated Press

Tips for growing a healthy garden during drought

Watering needs for plants could increase during periods of extreme heat, when the soil dries out more quickly.
1 month ago
Salt Lake County is working to make sure its golf courses don't use as much water in the drought co...
Martha Harris

Salt Lake County says it has decreased water-use on its golf courses

Salt Lake County says it has back water usage on its golf courses. The county says it has done by changing how they water.
1 month ago

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