Dave Ross

Las Vegas pushes to become first to ban ornamental grass...
Curt Gresseth

Fight the drought, install artificial turf. Landscape expert shares advice.

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s ongoing, historic drought and water restrictions in your city have turned your green lawn yellow. You’ve contemplated planting native grasses and shrubs, but you want a covering you can walk and play on. Why not install artificial turf?  Landscape expert Bill Holland joined KSL NewsRadio’s Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic […]
5 days ago
water the lawn...
Mark Jones

Division of Natural Resources offers weekly lawn watering guide

The Division of Natural Resources has developed a lawn watering guide to help homeowners know when they should water their lawns.
6 days ago
Sprinkler water-wise utah drought...
Mark Jones

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District asking communities to reduce water use

The Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District is asking communities to reduce water use.
10 days ago
Utah water restrictions...
Curt Gresseth

Utah water restrictions vary based on rights and state history

A water rights guru explains why water restrictions vary from city to city in Utah in general and the Weber Water Basin in particular.
13 days ago
The Central Utah Water Conservancy District says it has enough water for now....
Marc Giauque

Utah’s largest water district says there’s enough water — for now

The managers of Utah's largest water system are saying there's enough water in the Central Utah Water Conservancy District for now.
17 days ago
Ogden water shortage...
Simone Seikaly

Ogden mayor declares water shortage, implements watering restrictions

OGDEN, Utah — The Mayor of Ogden is setting some strict water rules after declaring the city is in a state of severe water shortage. The guidelines he’s issuing are effective immediately. Cited in the mayor’s announcement was that the snowpack is at 65% of the average, and Pineview Reservoir storage is currently at 52% […]
18 days ago
wait to water...
Dan Bammes

Wet weather means wait to water says USU expert

Due to the water received in northern Utah in April and May, an expert with Utah State University has homeowners can wait to water their lawn.
18 days ago
snow mapping by plane...

To refine water forecasts, Western cities map snow by plane

Mapping by plane is one way that water managers are adjusting as climate change disrupts weather patterns and makes forecasting trickier.
18 days ago
water the lawn...
Simone Seikaly

Time to water the lawn? Not quite yet, say Utah water officials.

There were only a few counties in Utah at the end of Apri, 2022,l where residents were advised to water the lawn.
25 days ago
shrinking great salt lake...
Lindsay Aerts

At water summit, a warning about the shrinking Great Salt Lake

The economic hit connected to the shrinking Great Salt Lake could be billions of dollars according to the Department of Natural Resources.
26 days ago
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are making proactive fish stocking changes to lower impacts...
Mark Jones

DWR to make proactive fish stocking changes to lower impact of drought

The DWR is implementing proactive fish stocking changes to minimize the impact of the drought.
27 days ago
lake powell western water rights navajo nation glen canyon dam...
Chandler Holt

Lake Powell to receive a boost in water supply

Lake Powell will be receiving a much-needed boost amid dropping water levels. It will receive over 156 billion gallons of water.
27 days ago
Photo of a vibrant green lawn...
Dan Bammes

Strategies to make that green lawn last a little longer into the hot summer

Northern Utah has had good luck in April with wet weather helping lawns to green up quickly. Helping the soil stay moist is the heat of summer is a good rule of thumb.
30 days ago
(File photo: Low water levels at Lake Powell, December 18, 2021.  Photo: Kristin Murphy, Deseret Ne...
Paul Nelson

Gov. Cox issues another emergency drought order for Utah

Governor Spencer Cox declared an emergency drought for Utah for the second straight year.
1 month ago
secondary water davis weber...
Chandler Holt

WSU achieves water conservation goals four years early

Over 5 years ago, Weber State University set a water conservation goal to reduce campus water usage by 30% by 2025, a goal they achieved in 2021.
1 month ago
The Great Salt Lake's levels could mean bad news from dust that blows up in the wind....
Kira Hoffelmeyer

How the Great Salt Lake lakebed could contribute to pollution, other issues

Great Salt Lake researchers found heavy metals as well as manmade and naturally occurring chemicals in the dust that's blown around as the water levels sink.
1 month ago
FILE - A white band of newly exposed rock is shown along the canyon walls at Lake Powell at Antelop...
FELICIA FONSECA Associated Press

Federal officials weigh prospect of reducing water to Colorado River to ensure Glen Canyon Dam’s functionality

Officials hoped snowmelt would buoy Lake Powell to ensure continued operation of the dam. But snow is already melting, and hotter-than-normal temperatures and prolonged drought are further shrinking the lake.
1 month ago
The Great Salt Lake is an important migratory area for birds across North America....
Kira Hoffelmeyer

Great Salt Lake sinking levels could impact bird migration

The drying up Great Salt Lake could have dire consequences for migrating birds. It's not just the lack of water, there are a few different things at play. 
1 month ago
Due to Utah drought, water supply will be affected....
Waverly Golden

Less water supply due to Utah drought conditions

Due to less water supply in North Salt Lake, residents will need to practice conservation methods. Those who use more water may pay more.
1 month ago
(A picture tweeted by Bountiful City, explaining that the green water is not harmful.)...
Paul Nelson

Bountiful officials say drinking water is safe, even though it’s green

City leaders in Bountiful are telling everyone not to worry about the water… even if it’s a little greener than people would like it to be. 
1 month ago
Snowpack is already seemingly low, but some grant money could help U of U researchers develop bette...
Paul Nelson

Snowpack could be measured better with grant for U of U researchers

SALT LAKE CITY — Is it possible to get a more complete picture of the state’s snowpack and water situation? Researchers from the University of Utah just got a large grant which they say could help hydrologists have better information about what’s really on the slopes.  University of Utah Civil Engineering Professor Carlos Oroza has […]
1 month ago
Lake Powell on March 27, 2022 in Page, Arizona. As severe drought grips parts of the Western United...
Rachel Ramirez and Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir, CNN

Americans more likely to see climate crisis as a threat after facing extreme weather

A new Gallup poll shared first with CNN found 1 in 3 Americans said they've been affected by extreme weather in the past two years, and those who had been were more likely to say the climate crisis is a threat.
2 months ago
watering lawn Utah...
Curt Gresseth

In Utah’s drought, watering your lawn once a week will turn it brown but keep it alive

Because nearly 97% of the state is in a drought, watering lawns and plants is restricted to once a week in the Weber Water Basin Conservancy District. But that is enough to keep a lawn alive through the heat of the summer, said a turf-grass specialist.
2 months ago
utah xeriscaping...
Jacob Rueda

Lawn care businesses feel the effects of drought and water restrictions

With less water this year, local lawn care businesses recommend a different option for maintaining laws: soil moisturizing products.
2 months ago

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