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Tifnee Anderson, Farr West Elementary

“Tifnee came to our 4th grade team and has emerged as an innovator, leader, and champion of struggling readers. She works relentlessly to find solutions and best practices to solve problems with children who need something more to find the joy of reading well. Under her leadership she has pushed us to change our approach to teaching and tracking children’s progress. Last year she had a student who she worked with the entire year and met often with parents, reading specialist and the principal. She knew more was missing, so she studied about dyslexia and passed along information that could be helpful. This year the parent of this struggling reader came back to thank her for all her efforts and concern. The parents took her advice and now with a professional diagnosis and support this student will be on the road to success for the rest of her school career and life beyond. She comes early, stays late, brings humor and hope to us all. Once she told me she looks forward to her job everyday and can’t think if anything else she would rather be doing. (Except maybe playing with her baby granddaughter).”

Submitted by: Valerie Krebs

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