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  • Sports

    Jazz gear sales are up, along with optimism about the team

    SALT LAKE CITY – Round one of the NBA playoffs could wrap up for the Utah Jazz tonight in game five of their series with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Meanwhile, back in Utah, fans seem to be more optimistic about this team than in years past. Sure, we’ve been swept up in “Jazz Fever” in […]
  • Utah

    State officials concerned over falling number of volunteer firefighters

    SALT LAKE CITY – The fire season has already begun this year in Utah.  But, there’s a growing concern among fire crews across the state over a falling number of people volunteering to put out the blazes. The North Tooele Fire District used to have almost 50 active volunteer firefighters.  But, they’ve been transitioning to […]
  • Sports

    Vivint Smart Home Arena decked out before game three Jazz v Thunder

    SALT LAKE CITY – The 18 thousand seats inside Vivint Smart Home Arena are all covered in either red, orange or gold colored t-shirts with the Utah Jazz signature note and the phrase “Take Note” on the front. The colors are designed to match the “City Edition” uniforms from Nike, which are new this year.  […]
  • Traffic

    Provo woman wants to create memorial to honor girl killed in car crash

    PROVO – They didn’t know her for very long, but the death of a three-year old girl in Provo last Sunday has rocked some community members to their core.  One woman has plans to honor the girl and her family. McKenna Brown had only known little Chelsea Parkinson for a few hours before she was […]
  • Sports

    Jazz management warning fans not to fall for buying fake tickets

    SALT LAKE CITY – Preparations are starting to happen at Vivint Smart Arena for games three and four of the playoff series between the Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  There are some tickets left, but, Jazz management are warning people to avoid buying fake ones. There’s been a spike in the number of tickets […]
  • Utah

    State income tax tables updated; low-income families may be worst impacted

    SALT LAKE CITY — State lawmakers are making changes that will likely affect Utah families’ take-home pay this year. Utah has adjusted the state income tax withholding tables, and the news isn’t necessarily good for low-income families. It’s not just Utah. Every state is adjusting its tax withholding tables after the federal government made sweeping […]
  • AP

    Utah lawmakers override 3 vetoes in balance of power debate

    SALT LAKE CITY — Lawmakers voted to override three bills that had been vetoed by Governor Gary Herbert. One of the bills was SB 171, which gives the legislature the right to voice their concerns in lawsuits that are filed against the state.  House Sponsor, Merrill Nelson, says they currently could only ask a judge to […]
  • Utah

    Police release body-cam video from deadly shooting

    Police have released three separate body camera videos from a shooting earlier this month in which officers killed a man who broke into a home with three children inside. 
  • Utah

    NAACP calls for Utah schools to address rise in racial bullying

    SALT LAKE CITY – The NAACP is calling on school districts and the Department of Justice to try and do something about a disturbing trend they’ve seen in Utah. They’re not seeing a rise in threats, necessarily, but, NAACP Salt Lake Branch President Jeanetta Williams says they’re seeing more and more kids using the N-word […]
  • Weather

    Strong winds ahead of storm causing power and traffic issues

    WASATCH FRONT – Windy, dusty and getting colder.  Meteorologists say the storm coming into the Wasatch Front is causing strong winds and creating a lot of problems. That dust that’s in the air along the Wasatch Front is actually being brought in from the dry Sevier Lake.  It got so bad, it forced the closure […]