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3 awesome reasons you’ll want to go to the Soldier Hollow Classic this year. Well, do you love dogs?

Photo: Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic

This article about everything to make you love dogs is sponsored by the Soldier Hollow Classic. If you love dogs this is the place for you. Come to the world’s “foremost” sheepdog trial this Labor Day weekend at Soldier Hollow!

Do you love dogs?

Like really love dogs? No, like REALLY LOVE DOGS? If your answer was a resounding yes, the Soldier Hollow Classic was made just for you! The Soldier Hollow Classic held on Labor Day Weekend is the world’s most exciting sheepdog trial. What is a sheepdog trial? Well, check the video out below:

Awesome right? These incredible dogs have been trained to multitask – making sure the sheep go where they want while simultaneously taking commands from their master. Here are 3 awesome reasons you’ll want to go to the Soldier Hollow Classic if you love dogs.

1. The K9 celebration

During the Soldier Hollow Classic, take a moment to celebrate man’s best friend with the Wicked Fast Agility Course.


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This activity features dogs navigating an obstacle course off-leash with no food or toys as incentives. The handler is not allowed to touch either the dog or the obstacles. Plus, commands are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals. Above all, excelling in this course requires exceptional training and coordination between the dog and handler. Don’t miss this spectacle!

The food

Photo: jeffreyw under CC BY 2.0

The Soldier Hollow Classic International Food Court promises a unique array of food options way beyond the usual selection of hot dogs and burgers found at most fairs. You’ll choose from dozens of delicious options including Greek gyros, roast Greek lamb, western barbecue ribs and pulled pork, Korean rice bowls, Hawaiian plates, bratwurst, kettle corn, shaved ice, smoothies, and so much more! Plus, every meal vendor will offer at least one kid’s meal for $5.00 or less.

The sheepdog trial

The Soldier Hollow Classic combines the dynamic of world-class handlers and world-class dogs testing themselves on Soldier Hollow’s Olympic Hillside. With 400 yards between the dogs and their handler, the dogs must be precise in gathering wild range Rocky Mountain ewes before herding them down the mountainside along a meticulously set course. The dogs have to keep their cool and follow directions through a series of handler whistle signals to herd the stubborn sheep. After the dogs have wrangled the sheep and brought them to the base of the course, the dogs must separate and herd specific sheep into a small pen. Yeah, you read that right. The dogs are judged on both their navigation of the course and how well they care for the sheep while completing the whole process in just 13 minutes. Whew!

If you love dogs come see all this and more!

On top of all the excitement, how can you resist this face?

Photo: Pixabay

Finally, between the Sheepdog trials, the delicious food, and the K9 celebration, you have to attend the Soldier Hollow Classic this year! You can save $3 off adult and youth tickets or $5 off a family pass when purchasing tickets in advance online. It’s fun for the whole family to watch the cutest dogs do some of the most amazing things!

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