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Utah teachers, staff to all get 5 masks each and other PPE

(Photo by Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY –The state has ordered tens of thousands of masks and face shields to give to teachers.

Governor Herbert and state education officials said Thursday they have PPE for 28,000 teachers and 16,000 staff members, including janitors and bus drivers.

There should be enough for five KN95 masks and two face shields for each person at district schools and charter schools.

The state said it has heard from teachers who are afraid they don’t have adequate gear and others who are running online donation drives to buy masks.

But apparently these purchases were made back in April.

The state superintendent says she has not heard from any principals or superintendents, so it seems like this is a lack of communication in telling teachers what supplies are available for them.

“I just think it’s informing the teachers of what they do or don’t have,” Sydnee Dickson said.

Hand sanitizer for each classroom will also be available.

Utah’s Unified Command team is creating the packages for educators. Governor Herbert said no one has to purchase their own.