Boyd Matheson’s ‘Inside Sources’ expands to two-hour show

Mar 29, 2021, 8:36 AM | Updated: 11:30 am
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Boyd Matheson (Chad Larsen KSL)
(Chad Larsen KSL)

SALT LAKE CITY — KSL NewsRadio’s Boyd Matheson will be expanding air-time on his talk show Inside Sources, increasing from a one-hour show to two. The show will air from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, rather than the current time slot of 11 a.m. to noon. 

“Boyd is just too important of a voice to the community to only have him on KSL one hour a day,” said KSL NewsRadio Program Director Kevin LaRue. “We’re excited to provide listeners a longer program to cover important issues. The thinking he offers about the news and current culture is unparalleled.”

Boyd Matheson to expand ‘Inside Sources’

KSL NewsRadio is expanding its news and talk shows when Lee Lonsberry, host of Live Mic, leaves the news organization after April 2. The Dave and Dujanovic show will grow from two hours to three hours from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Utah’s Noon News will also expand, from its current half-hour to a full hour from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Matheson has a long history of both corporate and political leadership, serving as the opinion editor of the Deseret News in addition to his role as the host of Inside Sources. 

“Having spent most of my career as an international business consultant really gave me a look at how things work, what leadership looks like and how you pull people together,” Matheson said. 

“Then my time in Washington DC as a Chief of Staff understanding the behind the scenes things that go on where the real levers of power are in DC and of course our connection to politics here locally. ”

Matheson said throughout the course of his career until now he has also developed a passionate belief that it isn’t the politicians that lead the country, but its community, and culture that lead.

That belief is something Matheson says is backed up by Utah’s success.

“For years I have been touting Utah as this amazing laboratory of democracy where we have a great free-market economy, strong institutions of civil society where we have civic groups, religious organizations and businesses that give back to the community. 

“We’re just this really great model. I think Utah is uniquely positioned to lead not just the nation, but the world. We’re really a crossroads of the world, and I’m excited to have those conversations on KSL NewsRadio every day.

Disagree, but better 

Longtime listeners will recognize Matheson’s promise to listeners to “divide the rage from reason and elevate the conversation” throughout the course of his show. With more time on the air, Matheson said he’s going to dare the audience to disagree, but to disagree better.

That principle is something Matheson said is a crucial one. Growing up in a family of 11, Matheson said there were plenty of differences and disagreements because they had one of everything, and then a couple more.

“Learning to not just respect the differences we have but value the differences is important. Oneness is not sameness in this country and if it ever is we got to we got a much bigger problem. So it’s valuing those differences, and recognizing that it’s in that uniqueness that there’s really great strength and great power.

“Too often we focus on the politics instead of the principles. Thomas Jefferson said never let a disagreement about politics or policy be confused with an argument about principles,” he said. Keeping the conversation on principles that unite rather than politics that divide is vital to where Matheson said he wants to take the show. 

Boyd Matheson on KSL NewsRadio and Deseret News

“Boyd has played an important role in our new strategy and being on the radio has been an important part of that,” said Jeff Simpson, President and Publisher of Deseret News. “We are thrilled he will be taking a larger role at our sister company, KSL NewsRadio.”

Matheson is well-known for his show on KSL NewsRadio, providing extensive context and analysis of the political world. Additionally, he’s best known in the newsroom for his principle-based approach to solving issues. 

“Boyd has his finger firmly on the pulse of local and national politics,” said Tanya Vea, senior vice president and general manager for Bonneville Salt Lake City. “He’ll bring insight, perspective, and most importantly -sensitivity to the complex issues our society is facing.”

Inside Sources will begin its new air-time Monday, April 5. You can listen to the broadcast on 102.7 FM/1160 AM or stream it live on the KSL NewsRadio app, at and on all smart speaker devices. 

KSL NewsRadio’s New Weekday Lineup:

  • 5-9 AM Utah’s Morning News
  • 9-12 PM Dave & Dujanovic
  • 12-1 PM Utah’s Noon News
  • 1-3 PM Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson
  • 3-7 PM Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News
  • 7-9 PM KSL’s Unrivaled

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Boyd Matheson’s ‘Inside Sources’ expands to two-hour show