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Former ‘Public Enemy’ arrested for weekend shooting and freeway crash

Traffic restricted after a weekend crash on I-80. (PHOTO: South Salt Lake Police Department)

SOUTH SALT LAKE – Police say a man with a long criminal history and is a former “Public Enemy” has been arrested for shooting his girlfriend, crashing his car on I-80 then fleeing the scene.  However, they also say they will be allowed to take their time before presenting their case to the DA’s Office.

At one point, suspect Terence Trent Vos was considered Salt Lake County’s Public Enemy Number One.  In 2008, he was arrested in Las Vegas for his connection to a shooting in Salt Lake City.  In December of that year, he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and possession of a dangerous weapon. 

Unified Police Sergeant Melody Cutler says this attack was a clear case of domestic violence.

“There was violence in the relationship prior to this.  Specifically, what they were arguing about, we may never know,” Cutler says.

However, she says they still have a lot of questions about what led up to the attack.  Cutler says there is evidence showing the victim, Shandon Scott, was shot near a townhouse on Nibley Court then she was either placed into a car or got in, by herself.  She says they’re not certain if Vos intentionally crashed the car on I-80 or if it was an accident.

She says, “They’re working with our crash analysis reconstruction team who, hopefully, will be able to determine what the cause of that accident was.”

Since Vos had a parole violation warrant for his arrest, he was taken straight to the Utah State Prison instead of the Salt Lake County Jail.  Cutler says this buys investigators more time before they have to present their case to the district attorney.  In normal circumstances, police would have a limited amount of time before they have to present the case, or their suspect would have to be released.

“Since he has a Board of Pardons warrant and is back in prison for that parole violation, we don’t have that clock ticking for us,” according to Cutler.  “We’re not in a big rush to get formal charges filed.  He’s not going anywhere.”

Friends of Scott have set up a GoFundMe account for her funeral expenses.  She is survived by a 15-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son.