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hidden treasure chest found
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Hidden treasure is now found treasure says search organizer

John Maxim and David Cline hid $10,000 in a chest somewhere on the Wasatch Front on June 19; by July 5, it appeared someone had found it. Photo: the.cline.fam/Instagram

SOMEWHERE IN UTAH — The search for hidden treasure somewhere on the Wasatch Front came to an end Monday, after one of the men who hid $10,000 shared a video of someone walking around with the treasure chest under his arm. 

The hidden treasure challenge, posted on Instagram by John Maxim and David Cline on June 19, inspired a number of hunters to hit the trails around the Wasatch Front. One hiker even required rescue

The original call to seek the cash included a poem with clues that seekers needed to follow to find the hidden booty. 

Visit KSL TV for full details on the developing story.


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