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Material shortage causes delay in Bingham High School construction

Tom Smart, Deseret News

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — A material shortage is causing a delay in the completion of construction at Bingham High School in South Jordan. Students will begin the school year with two weeks of online learning until the construction is complete. 

Material shortage impacts Bingham construction 

The Jordan School District said construction at Bingham was supposed to be done by August 16 but has hit a supply chain disruption. The construction project is short of things like sheet metal in addition to pandemic-related labor shortages. 

“The renovation project impacts 70% of classrooms upstairs and construction crews are working around the clock to complete the project,” the school said in a statement. 

Students will return to school

This is the first time in Jordan School District history that a construction project has impacted the first day of in-person learning, with students beginning the year with two weeks of online learning instead.
The school anticipates students will return to in-person, face-to-face learning at Bingham High School on Monday, August 30.
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