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Maggie's snow
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Maggie’s snow was created for dog’s last romp in the snow

Maggie is pictured with Elijah on the snow (ice shavings) donated by Salt Lake County Parks and Rec. Photo credit: Salt Lake County Ice Center

SALT LAKE CITY — Maggie’s pet parents had a special request. They wanted a pile of snow, Maggie’s snow, for their girl to play in one last time. On Monday with help from Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.

They were able to accommodate Elijah and Marianna, pet parents who’d asked if they could have something unique, at least somewhat unique for Utah in September.

Maggie had cancer, and her parents had made the decision that most pet owners dread but know is coming. At least one day, they know it will come.

Because with pet parenthood comes the awesome responsibility of knowing when it’s time to let go. And Monday was that time for Maggie.

The parents had asked for a pile of snow so that Maggie could play in a favored element one last time. Maggie’s snow.

So the County Ice Center shaved extra ice from the rink and loaded it into buckets.

Photo credit: Tiffany, Salt Lake County Ice Center

Then Elijah and Marianna loaded the buckets full of Maggie’s snow into their van, and the two took it home to their girl. 

We are told that Maggie enjoyed her last morning with her favorite things, snow and Elijah and Marianna.

Photo posted to Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Facebook page.


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