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Legislation to exclude government employees’ daily calendars from public record moves forward

One Utah lawmaker says the existing laws about what is or isn't public record already excludes government employees' daily calendars.
13 hours ago

Domestic violence penalties would increase for restricted persons

HB166 would make domestic violence by a restricted person a second-degree felony, punishable by one year in jail.
3 days ago

Utah continues to sees job growth in key industries

Utah's job growth in key industries continues to help attract businesses and keep our economy thriving when others are not.
6 days ago

Valentine’s Day spending is expected to hit over $25 billion

What are people spending on Valentine Day gifts? A new study says people will shell out $25 billion on their special someone this year.
8 days ago

Giant flag displayed at Super Bowl LVIII was Utah-made

The flag displayed while Reba McEntire sung the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl was made by the Sandy, Utah company Colonial Flag.
9 days ago

Help needed for Valentine’s Day school kits for refugees

Supplies are being collected by the Utah Refugee Connection to build Valentine Day kits for school children.
20 days ago

Polygraph test bill proposed to make sure victims feel heard

A bill aimed at protecting victims of sexual assault from being forced to take a polygraph test has been proposed by Rep. Angela Romero.
23 days ago

Bill banning Central Bank Digital Currency one step closer to becoming law

A bill banning the use of Central Bank Digital Currency in Utah has passed through committee with an unanimous vote.
29 days ago

Human composting bill to be considered as burial alternative

A human composting bill will be considered during the 2024 legislative session as an alternative to regular burials.
1 month ago

Proposed bill would change mail-in ballots, Salt Lake County Clerk says ‘there’s no need to change’

Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that would require voters to ask to receive mail-in ballots. The Salt Lake County Clerk is not so sure.
1 month ago

The price of taking off from SLC soars an extra $120 since 2021

The cost to fly has increased nationally by an average of $86 since the COVID-19 pandemic started. in SLC it's more.
1 month ago

Proposed bill targets pornographic images generated by AI

A proposed bill sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Gricius aims to protect people from AI produced pornography.
1 month ago

Proposed bill would remove term “human sexuality” from Utah sex ed law

One Utah lawmaker says the term "human sexuality" is vague and causes parents concern about what their child might be learning in sex ed.
1 month ago

Proposed bill would provide incentives to teachers carrying guns in Utah schools

The proposed bill would provide training, legal protections and storage funding for teachers carrying guns in Utah.
1 month ago

Naloxone has been used to reverse opiate overdoses 10,000 times in Utah, nonprofit says

Nonprofit organization Utah Naloxone said the 10,000 overdose-reversals happened between 2015 and 2023.
1 month ago

Utah ranked best place to start small business

Utah leads the nation in Google searches for how to start a small business. It's also been ranked the best place to start a small business.
2 months ago

As winter weather picks up, UHP advises drivers to not abandon vehicles on roadside

With the return of winter weather, Utah Highway Patrol is pleading with people to not leave their vehicles abandoned by the side of the road.
2 months ago

Utah’s favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, report shows

A new report shows Utah's favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone.
2 months ago

2023 was full of challenges for small businesses in Utah but resources are available

The President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber says many organizations exist to help small business owners in Utah.
2 months ago

PHOTOS: A neighbor’s gift to his Cottonwood Heights neighborhood

One Cottonwood Heights neighborhood has over 87,000 lit holiday lights all thanks to the generosity of a few neighbors.
2 months ago

Do gift cards make a good present for the holiday season?

Is it OK to give gift cards instead of more personalized gifts? Many Utahns seem to think yes, that it's more than OK.
2 months ago

Despite warm temperatures, ski resorts to open more terrain

Although warm temperatures are forecasted for this upcoming weekend, many Utah ski resorts continue to open more terrain.
2 months ago

A look at the Gen-Z housing struggle

Generation-Z is struggling to move out as high prices and high interest rates still dominate the market.
2 months ago

Service for domestic violence survivors expanding in Tooele

South Valley Services in Tooele has seen a spike in the need for services for survivors of domestic violence.
3 months ago