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Salt Lake City Police take serial theft suspect into custody

The 30-year-old man is accused of allegedly stealing roughly $4,100 from a store inside the airport.
1 day ago

Two recovering after avalanche rescue in Morgan County

Search and rescue efforts are going on in Morgan County due to an avalanche trapping several people on two snowcats. 
1 day ago

Prison sentence reduced for ‘Real Housewives of SLC’ star Jen Shah

Shah was sentenced to more than six years in prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Her release is now set for August, 2028.
2 days ago

A third person has died after a multi-car crash in Box Elder

After two people died on the scene of a crash on northbound I-15 in Box Elder County, a third died in a hospital.
3 days ago

Another Utah snowstorm has us asking, what is a snow squall?

A snow squall this morning had Utah drivers dealing with white-out conditions. But what exactly is a snow squall and how is it different than a blizzard?
6 days ago

Woods Cross man charged for allegedly secretly recording others in bathroom

A Woods Cross man, owner of USA Gymnastics World, was arrested Wednesday after police say they allegedly found a recording device in a bathroom at the facility.
7 days ago

Best Friends urges Utahns to adopt local on National Puppy Day

March 23 marks National Puppy Day, but this year it also signals the start of the Best Friends Animal Society's Adopt Local Challenge.
8 days ago

March 14 is Equal Pay Day. What does that mean?

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how many more months a woman must work to earn the same amount as a man earns in 12 months.
15 days ago

Open land debate, residents of Ogden City speak out

Ogden City is ready to purchase more than 12 acres of open land from the Ogden School District. But the city and some Ogden residents disagree.
15 days ago

An interrogator in Elizabeth Smart case reflects on interview 20 years later

Brian David Mitchell sits in federal prison in Indiana. He is serving a life sentence for the abduction and rape of Elizabeth Smart.
16 days ago

Community, authorities react to fatal Cache County house explosion

The fatal Cache County house explosion is still being investigated, but fire officials reminded Utahns to exercise safety with heating and gas systems.
20 days ago

Midvale man looking to bring more community gardens to Utah

A Midvale man is looking for permanent residences for a few Utah community gardens after successfully launching a temporary garden last year.
22 days ago

Bills requiring clergy to disclose abuse won’t be considered

Sen. President Stuart Adams believes clergy abuse bills may prohibit freedom of speech or jail clergy members for non-reporting.
30 days ago

Utah “influencer” arrested for assault, criminal mischief and domestic violence

A Herriman woman referred to as a social media influencer was arrested last week for assault. Taylor Frankie Paul was arrested on Feb. 17, 2023.
1 month ago

COLD: The untold story of the search for Sheree Warren’s remains, part 2

After nearly 40 years, police are asking for information about the disappearance of Sheree Warren or the whereabouts of Sheree Warren's remains.
1 month ago

Snowplows struggle to clear Utah roads amid storm, but you can help

What happens when a vehicle that prevents people from getting stuck in the snow, gets stuck? It's been a real problem for snowplows this week.
1 month ago

COLD: The search for Sheree Warren’s remains, part 1

COLD has uncovered details of a previously undisclosed effort to find Sheree Warren's remains in the mountains east of Ogden.
1 month ago

A bill eliminating Utah food tax ‘contingent’ on changes to education funding

Passage of H.B. 101 First Sub would result in a $200 million tax reduction that would need to be made up elsewhere.
1 month ago

Reverend Jackson hosts a sports career program Friday in SLC

If you've thought about working in sports, there's an event coming up hosted by Revered Jesse Jackson that could give you some guidance.
1 month ago

Salt Lake County Sheriff won’t fight bill to disband Unified Police

A bill that would disband Unified Police has Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera backed into a political corner. The bill is also opposed by Millcreek Mayor Jeff Silvestrini.
1 month ago

Utah Senate considering a new bill surrounding “condom stealthing”

Utah may become the second state, following California's lead, to ban the act of "condom stealthing" after the introduction of a new bill.  
2 months ago

Utah delegation’s reaction to Biden’s State of the Union Address

Utah leaders found a little to like about President Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday.
2 months ago

UHP arrests man suspected of trafficking New England teen

Court documents show that the UHP pulled over Tevon Jarrell Cullors-Tillman after his car was spotted driving erratically.
2 months ago

Utah senator joins other senators in support of concealed-carry reciprocity

The Reciprocity Act would ensure that a concealed-carry permit would be valid in Utah and other states where concealed carry permits are allowed.
2 months ago