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drivers memorial day...
Curt Gresseth

Is it time for Utah to bring back photo cop to bust speeders?

A Utah lawmaker joins the show to discuss a possible return of photo radar to bust speeders.
18 hours ago
It’s the first annual Miss AI Pageant. Each of the contestants is so beautiful they could stop tr...
Jeff Caplan

Jeff Caplan’s Minute of News: The Miss AI Pageant

The women are artificial. The prize money is real.
4 days ago
AT&T car shown, the service was down for some...
Jessica Lowell

AT&T customers unable to call non-AT&T users

AT&T was partially down for customers nationwide on Tuesday as they were unable to make calls to non-AT&T users.
14 days ago
cultivated, or lab-grown meat...
Sam Herrera

LISTEN: Why lab-grown meat isn’t available in US grocery stores or restaurants

Learn more about lab-grown meat on Jeff Caplan's Afternoon News.
15 days ago
TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance are suing the U.S. federal government over a law th...
Becky Bruce

Utah names TikTok in new lawsuit over “virtual strip club”

The lawsuit was filed by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection over TikTok's live video streaming feature, TikTok LIVE.
15 days ago
A group of high school juniors in Davis County are hacking the hackers to protect phishing victims ...
Don Brinkerhoff

Davis County high school students are hacking the hackers behind phishing schemes

A group of high school juniors in Davis County are hacking the hackers to protect phishing victims using a program called VEGA.
15 days ago
Rare earth minerals...
Don Brinkerhoff

U. researchers ask: Is it worth mining rare-earth minerals in eastern Utah and western Colorado?

University of Utah researchers are asking for grant money to see if there are enough rare-earth minerals in Utah and Colorado worth extracting.
17 days ago
A parade of planets happens when several planets align on the right side of the sun, making them vi...
Emma Keddington

Raining on the parade of planets

If you've heard tale of an upcoming parade of planets set to happen Saturday, June 1, one NASA spokesman has some news. 
19 days ago
ticketmaster website shown, a hack allegedly breached millions of users' data...
Sam Herrera

Data for 560 million Ticketmaster users stolen, hackers claim

A group claimed it stole data from 560 million users during a global hack of the entertainment platform Ticketmaster.
19 days ago
59% of children targeted by predators online were 15 years old or younger, according to a new study...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Online enticement grows as children are targeted at younger ages

The median age of victims of online enticement is only 15 years old. Where are online predators getting to their victims?
20 days ago
Rare earth minerals...
Don Brinkerhoff

Rare earth minerals found in Utah, Colorado, are critical for cleaner energy sources

Rare earth minerals have been found in Utah and Colorado mines according to University of Utah researchers.
21 days ago
The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), in collaboration with Utah State University (USU), su...
Diana Jones

Vertiports: The future is coming to Utah sooner rather than later

The Utah Department of Transportation, or UDOT, is pushing Utah into the future by taking steps to integrate vertiports around the state. But what are they? 
25 days ago
The European Union is about to enact strict new rules to try to prevent misuse of Artificial Intell...
Simone Seikaly

New AI rules for the EU, but the loneliness remains

As the European Union adopts strict rules for Artificial Intelligence, some in America question if AI can replace loneliness.
28 days ago
a helicopter shown, vertiport demonstration tonight...
Sam Herrera

LISTEN: UDOT and USU to conduct vertiport demonstration

The Utah Department of Transportation and Utah State University will conduct the state's first vertiport demonstration Monday night.
29 days ago
The sun is rising with a flare over Korla, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, on May 10....
Brian Fung, CNN

Why tonight’s massive solar storm could disrupt communications and GPS systems

An unusual amount of solar activity due to a solar storm this week could disrupt some of the most important technologies society relies on.
1 month ago
Boeing's Starliner capsule sits atop an Atlas V rocket as it's rolled out to the launchpad on May 4...
Jackie Wattles, CNN

How to watch the first crewed flight of Boeing’s long-awaited Starliner spacecraft

Boeing’s spaceflight program may reach a milestone Monday night with the launch of its Starliner spacecraft.
1 month ago
This photo provided by NASA shows an Eta Aquarid meteor streaking over northern Georgia on April 29...

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower, debris of Halley’s comet, peaks this weekend. Here’s how to see it

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower, remnants of Halley's comet, peaks this weekend.
2 months ago
In the process of retrieving the prize of an ambitious space mission, a joint team from NASA and th...
Kyle Remund

Hill Air Force Base wins Webby Award in collaboration with NASA

In the process of retrieving the prize of an ambitious space mission, a joint team from NASA and the US Air Force took home another prize.
2 months ago
Follow @KSLdbrinkerhoff...
Don Brinkerhoff

New cancer treatments focus on targeted therapies

Dr. Theresa Werner with the Huntsman Cancer Institute says providers can now use target treatments to help cancer patients.
2 months ago
A cursor hovers above the title ChatGPT on a web browser....
Don Brinkerhoff

BYU study looks at student AI usage

The question of artificial intelligence in the classroom is becoming something nearly all teachers are having to deal with, and a new study by a group of BYU professors looked into how student AI usage has developed on campus.
2 months ago
electro sloths team display at first lego league competition...
Don Brinkerhoff

Utah team wins award at FIRST LEGO League robot competition in Texas

Utah's Electro Sloths won the Breakthrough award at the FIRST LEGO League Challenge in Texas this month.
2 months ago
dating app tinder is pictured on phone screen, new bill looks at safety features...
Britt Johnson

New Tinder feature aims to boost dating safety

The dating app, Tinder has a new feature that allows users to share information about their date and where they will be going.
2 months ago
The word "privacy" is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. But with technology changing things by the ...
Amanda Dickson

Dickson: Should we have a consumer right to privacy?

A bipartisan proposal would define privacy as a consumer right and create new rules for data collection companies to follow.
2 months ago
The New Horizons spacecraft took an image of Pluto's heart on July 14, 2015....
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Pluto gained a ‘heart’ after colliding with a planetary body

Researchers think they have solved the mystery of how Pluto's distinctive heart came to be. It could reveal new clues about its origins.
2 months ago